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The term Father of the Nation (also known as Father of the Country, Founding Father or rarely known by the original Latin title of Pater Patriae) is an honorific title used to describe an individual who directly contributed to the foundation of a Nation. Typically, the Father of the Nation is a political figure who helped establish the modern State of his country, although the term can also be applied to figures who sparked drastic cultural or social changes in a country. Where multiple individuals were involved in the creation of the State the term Founding Fathers is often applied instead of Father of the Nation. Although the title is traditionally male, female variations can also exist.

Micronationally, the Father of the Nation is usually the figure who first had the idea of establishing a micronation and/or set about the realisation of that idea. The Father of the Nation usually becomes the first, or only, political leader of that micronation (although there have been exceptions). In some instances, the Father of the Nation may be a revolutionary or later leader who contributed massively to the development of the nation in question. In Communist States, it is usually the leading revolutionary who establishes themselves as the Founding Father. Even if they do not lead the nation personally, it is common for micronational Founding Fathers to hold a great deal of political influence and power over micronational affairs.

List of micronational Fathers of the Nation

Official founders are recognised by the government of the nation or by national law, Constitutional founders are recognised in the constitution and may have special constitutional power and Unofficial founders are people recognised as being the Founder of the nation but do not enjoy any kind of government or legal recognition.

Micronation Father(s) of the Nation Status
Kaz Katherine Alexia and Zach Governors
Empire of Austenasia HIM Emperor Jonathan I Official, Constitutional
Empire of Guanduania HIM Emperor Justus I Official, Constitutional
Burkland Matthew Burklandssen Unofficial
Dale Republic Danny Clarke Official
Soviet Socialist Republic of Dallingrad Ewan Whitmore Official
Holy Kingdom of Deseret Cowdery Young, Queen Utahna I Official
Doshevika Vladimir II Unofficial
Democratic Republic of Cinnamon Creek Dallin Langford Official, Constitutional
Democratic Union of British States Horatio Eden Unofficial
Technological Federation of Erephisia Billy Neil Official
Commonwealth of Essexia Lord Jack of Essexia, King Terry of Essexia, Founding Fathers of Essexia Official
Grand Duchy of Flandrensis Niels I of Flandrensis Official
Tsarist Empire of Gishabrun HIM Tsar Kuri I Official
Hamlinian Republic Casey Hamlin Official
Federal State of Indokistan Farhan Abdurrahman, Dicky L. K., Nabil Ihsan Unofficial
Kingdom of Juclandia Elena Constanta Iliescu Official
Most Glorious and Holy Empire of Kirkland King Brayden I Official
Democratic Republic of Leylandiistan Ruairí de Créag and Fionnbarra Ó Cathail Unofficial
United Democratic Republic of Mackinac President Cody J. Kaloz Official
Negaunee Republic Führer Jack Mizter, Cody J. Kaloz Official
Holy Empire of New Israel Emperor Markus II Official
Empire of Paravia Patrick I Official
Tsardom of Phokland Charles I of Phokland Unofficial
Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros Adriansyah Yassin Sulaeman, Adly Nurfikriansyah, Andhika Rama Prakasa Official
Republic of Lostisland Yaroslav Mar, Stepan Ignatiev Official, Constitutional
Republic of Molossia Kevin Baugh Official
Montosh Empire Joshua Everson Official, Constitutional
House of Nassau-Ter Haar Philip de Montmorency, Count of Horn Unofficial
Khaganate of Nedland NG Official
Nemkhavia Marka Mejakhansk Official, Constitutional
Empire of New Europe Wilhelm von Hartmann, Catherine Wiloughby, Kasey Honings Official
Free Community of Pasargada Bruno Cava, Leonardo Carrion, Luciana Andrade, Igor Ravasco, José Luiz Borrás, Rafael Figueira, Sérgio Schüller and Vítor de Bourg Official
Grand Duchy of Prsänëa HRH Grand Duke James E Wilary Official, Constitutional
Principality of Rathunis Sovereign Prince Matthew I Official, Constitutional
Reylan Imperial Triumvirate HIM Taeglan I Nihilus Official
Caribbean Republic of Samana Cay Commandate George I Official, Constitutional
Kingdom of Sabia and Verona Tarik Kârjasary, Isadora Annenak Unofficial
Sandus Will Sörgel Official
Republic of Secundomia Parker I, Spencer I Official
Democratic Environmental Society of Senya Barnaby Hands Official, Constitutional
Federal Republic of St.Charlie Alexander Reinhardt, Whisky I Official
Kingdom of Theodia King Swen Bradsson Scroeder I of Theodia Official, Constitutional
Tiana Michael Jackson Unofficial
Tower City State State Captain Fabrizio I of the Tower City State
State Captain Enikő I of the Tower City State
Official, Constitutional
Usian Republic Gabriel N. Pelger Official
Kingdom of Varina His Majesty, David I of Varina Official
Verd'landian Republic of Vladislavia Vladislav Chokin Unofficial
Technocratic Empire of Würdigeland His Highness, Arthur Lobão Official, Constitutional
Kingdom of Wyvern King Quentin I Official
Kingdom of New Anglia King William the Founder Official, Constitutional
Democratic Monarchy of Whovania Sir Conner Wilson Unofficial
Derskov-Viadalvia Shady Morsi Official, Constitutional
Principality of Lomellina D. Guilherme da Lomellina e Berenguer (de facto)
Ansaldo I Lomellini (de jure)
Kingdom of Imvrassia Aggelos I, King of Imvrassia Official, Constitutional
Federal Republic of Whestcorea Horatio Eden Official, Constitutional
Gymnasium State Tomáš Falešník, Joel Novotný, František Prášek, Adam Pivetz Unofficial
Hasanistan Hasan Çakar and Tanju Unofficial
Arnerea Gen. Neil Hart official