Republic of Arnerea

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Republic of Arnerea
Flag of Republic of Arnerea
Coat of arms of Republic of Arnerea
Coat of arms
Motto: Together Against the Tides of Turmoil
Anthem: State anthem of the Arnerean Republic
Rough location of Arnerea (marked with cross)
Rough location of Arnerea (marked with cross)
and largest city
Hart City
Official languagesEnglish
• President
General Neil Hart
• President
General Neil Hart
Establishment20 April 2019
• citizens census
Time zone(UTC)

The Republic of Arnerea was a self-proclaimed micronation surrounded by the county of Herefordshire in England. It was a self-proclaimed republic under military rule, was founded in 2019 and claimed 3 local houses.

It officially disbanded on New Years Eve 2021 due to a gradual loss of interest among its members, including its leader and founder, Neil Hart.


The name "Arnerea" was picked partially at random, but is thought to have been inspired partly by the name of the Republic of Armenia.


Arnerea was located in the county of Herefordshire, which has been a recognized English county ever since the Middle Ages. Also of note is that Herefordshire borders Hay-on-Wye, a town that first declared independence as a kingdom in the 1970s. However, the nation known as Arnerea only came to fruition more recently, having its origins when Neil Hart, a local teenager, first found out about micronations such as Sealand and Molossia online around 2016 or 2017. He stumbled across MicroWiki sometime in early 2019 and became more inspired to start up one of his own. He finally declared official independence on 20 April, declaring himself President and Commander-General of the Armed Forces, forming it with a few friends. It became more active on the MicroWiki community and its Discord and aimed to grow and become more well-known within the community. Inspired by Arnerea, another of Neil's classmates created their own micronation, called Marekland. In August 2019, it became an observer member of the Welsh Micronational Union. The WMU never grew to become an active organization though, so it joined the North Atlantic Defense Union the following month, the successor of the WMU.

On October 12, 2019, Arnerea formally annexed the home of citizen Christian McMackerel as the country's fourth town. Chris chose "New Scythia" as its official name within the Republic. Arnerea finally held formed an assembly and held its first elections in March 2020, although in-person meetings have been limited by the coronavirus outbreak. It celebrated its first anniversary on 20 April 2020. During late 2020, activity slowed down partly due to focus on schoolwork and other activities, but Arnerea did not disband until December 2021, by which point those involved had largely lost interest.


Arnerea had a cool temperate climate, common to the island of Great Britain. There is a wooded area near the territory of the Republic containing local wildlife, which is recognized as an official national park under the name of the "North Forest". The state covers three different enclaved properties within the same town, with the President's house, known as "Hart City", serving as the nation's capital. It is not located in a particularly urban area.


Each of the houses claimed by the Republic is recognized as a town in Arnerea, and they are listed as follows:

  • Hart City (capital)
  • Bunkerville
  • Shoreland
  • New Scythia

Not all of the official citizens currently live within the towns, however, as the towns mainly cover the homes of the more involved members of the Republic.


Climate data for Hart City
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °C (°F) 7
Average low °C (°F) 1
Average Precipitation mm (inches) 78.3
Source: [1] (data from 2005-2015)


Arnerea was officially under military rule, and all of the citizens were part of the army. However, it maintains a republican system of government. Early on in its existence, it was too small a form a proper parliament or legislature, but even before this could be formed, a basic cabinet of ministers was created. Regular Arnereans often tend to assume the roles of unofficial politicians themselves, creating an unofficial sort of direct democratic structured society. Recently, a number of political parties have been founded and the first elections for the Arnerean parliament were held on 15 March 2020. It was a simple unicameral parliament, with the power to elect the executive branch.


  • President: Neil Hart
  • Vice-President: Harry Mandrake
  • Treasurer: Alfie O
  • Minister of Education: Andrew White
  • Minister of Transport: Leo Shoreman
  • Minister of the Environment: Olly Stormcloak
  • Commander of Armed Forces: Neil Hart
  • Minister of Foreign Relations: Neil Hart
  • Minister of Internal Affairs: Dexter (Andrew's pet dog)
  • Minister of Health: Emma Mandrake


Party Name Colour Political position Leader Date of foundation Seats
New Dawn Party Cyan Centre, technocractic Neil Hart 2019
3 / 5
Conservative Party Blue Centre-right, liberal-conservative Andrew White 2019
1 / 5
Social Democratic Party Red Centre-left, social democracy Harry Mandrake 2019
1 / 5


Although Arnerea officially designated the "credit" as its national currency, it has yet to issue any banknotes or coinage. It plans to operate in a mixed market economy.


Partly as a result of its small size, the government and citizenry of the country itself are closely linked and largely identical to the military. Currently, Arnerea only has an army, due to a lack of resources to create an air force or a navy. The country has yet to be involved in any armed conflicts, although it is not a neutral country, and used to be a member of the NADU, a micronational alliance. Arnerea is a mostly non-religious country but has declared Pastafarianism as an official religion. Common weapons in the Arnerean army include laser tag and paintball guns.


Arnerea recognized the following:

  • United Nations members
  • NADU members (including those not listed here)

In addition, Arnerea was a member of the micronational alliances of the Welsh Micronational Union and the North Atlantic Defence Union.


The culture of Arnerea is influenced by British culture, as it is the country it seceded from. It is also influenced by online culture. Popular pastimes include football and video games. Popular titles include the Halo series, DOTA, Papers Please, Fortnite, Overwatch, Super Smash Bros, Minecraft, Kerbal Space Program, Dishonored, and Civilization. Arnerea also has plans to establish a football team and possibly become involved in sports at some point in the future. Independence Day is celebrated on the 20 April, and the main language spoken is English. Some citizens of the Republic, however, also have some knowledge of Welsh. Popular music in Arnerea includes classic rock and some metal and electronic music.


  • 1 January - New Year's Day
  • 8 January - Emperor Norton Day
  • Easter Sunday
  • 20 April - Independence Day
  • 21 June - Summer Solstice
  • October 31 - Halloween
  • 11 November - Remembrance Day
  • 21 December - Winter Solstice
  • 25 December - Christmas Day


The flag of Arnerea consists of a black background with a thick orange stripe in the center, bordered to the top and bottom by thinner strips of blue and maroon. The way the center stripes are grouped together represents unity, with the stripes being ordered from darkest to lightest. They also represent hope, even in dark times (represented by the black background).