North Atlantic Defense Union

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North Atlantic Defence Union (NADU)
NADU logo.png
Intermicronational organisation

Headquarters New Aberdare, located in Aenopia

Official languages English, Welsh

Motto "N/A"

Membership 12 Full Members 1 Observer Members

– Foundation 13 September 2019

The North Atlantic Defence Union (often abbreviated as NADU) is a Micronational Organisation intended for Micronations located in Macronations near to the North Atlantic. Micronations from any of the more than 23 accepted Macronations may be accepted into the Union. In order to become a member, a nation must be located within a Macronation which has connections to the North Atlantic. This even includes seperate branches such as the Baltic Sea and the North Sea. The Organisation was formed by the Empire of Aenopia, the Republic of Astropolis and the PRPH (People's Republic of Ponderosa Hills.) The WMO utilises a Discord server to communicate to its members, like countless other organisations do for accessibility and ease.

Its website can be found here.


NADU started life as a small pact formed by the previously-mentioned nations to allow for free trade, diplomacy, ect. A suggestion was made to create a server, and before long plans were underway to hold a court session. A quick rename resulted in the North Atlantic Defence Union and the treaty was updated to become suitable for an organisation.

On the 21st September 2019, the Empire of Aenopia announced that the Welsh Micronational Union would be absorbed into NADU following a month of inactivity and a lack of members. Over the past few months, the organisation has grown to include 12 members and 1 observer.


NADU exists with goals in mind to fulfil during its existence. These include:


The organisation's main goal was to provide support to younger and newer nations to grow and become fully fledged, formal entities. Members could help said nations by providing advice as to how their country should be run, help to design symbols for their nation such as a flag, coat of arms, stamps or other symbols synonymous to real nations.

NADU also creates events for member nations to participate in, such as the NADU games currently under development or the NADU climate summit 2019 (this was regarded as "a mess" due to a lack of planning, but was still an event nevertheless).


NADU members had access to places where they could ask to engage in trade deals or diplomatic relations with other member nations. This is backed by section II of the formation treaty, which covers internal trade deals between member nations.


NADU currently has twelve member nations and one observer nations as of 2 November 2019.

Full Members

Full members are those who have ratified the Charter, and as a result enjoy all the rights and duties given to a member state. For example, they can contribute to discussions and debates, vote in Council Meetings, and stand for election to any positions in the organisation. There are currently twelve full member states. They are in order of date of joining...

Flag Micronation Join date Capital City Code Notes
Empire of Aenopia flag.png Aenopia 13 September 2019 New Llandundo AA[1] Founder of the North Atlantic Defence Union and Current Chairman, PAA Member
AstropolisFlag2.jpeg Kingdom of Astropolis 13 September 2019 Astropolis AST Founder of the North Atlantic Defence Union, PAA Member
PRPH flag.png People's Republic of Ponderosa Hills 13 September 2019 Arastraville POH Founder of the North Atlantic Defence Union, PAA Member
New Eiffel Flag.jpeg Principality of New Eiffel 28 September 2019 Új Repülő NE[2]
Fixed Malinovian Flag.png State of Malinovia 28 September 2019 Auroris ML[3]
Wegmatflag.jpeg Kingdom of Wegmat 28 September 2019 Two Pine WE
Arnerea flag.png Arnerea 28 September 2019 Hart City ARN
Flagled.png Principality of Ledilia 28 September 2019 New Gandolfo LI [1]
Flag of the United Kingdom of Maradia and Fienomige.jpeg United Kingdom of Maradia and Fienomige 20 October 2019 Arium MAR
Trumarflag.svg Principality of Trumar 20 October 2019 w:N/A TRU
Caddiaflag.png Federal Republic of Caddia 20 October 2019 Caddia City CAD
Lytera flag.png Kingdom of Lytera 27 October 2019 St. Cavendish LYT

Observer Nations

Observers are nations which are permitted access to Council Meetings, and can propose matters to be discussed in a Council meeting, but do not have the right to vote in a Council Meeting, or actively participate in one without the consent of the Chairman. They also must confirm their continued wish to stay in NADU every three months, in order to ensure that observer nations wish to actively partake in NADU business as far as is possible and not simply hold the status of observer merely for the title. There is currently one observer nation.

Flag Micronation Join date Capital City Code Notes
Flag of the People's Federation of Quebec 2019.svg People's Federation of Quebec 20 October 2019 Citadelle QUE Must renew membership by 20 January 2020


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