Collectivity of Maradia

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Collectivity of Maradia
Maradian Flag.jpeg

March of the Glorious
Capital cityArium
Official language(s)English, French, Spanish
Short nameMaradia and Fienomige
DemonymEfrasachin (national)
Maradian/Famileas (local)
GovernmentEfrasachin Collectivity
- KingEthan
- Marquis PalatineVacant
- Grand MinisterThe Duke of Arreau
LegislatureSupreme House
Area claimed0.01mi²
Population30 (2019 Estimate)
Time zone(UTC)
National sportTennis
National animalAnt
Patron saintSt. Patrick

The Collectivity of Maradia is a collectivity of the Kingdom of Efransa. The collectivity is named after the predecessor state to Efransa, and was established with the Maradia Declaration on June 16, 2020, the third anniversary of the founding of the original state.


The Marquis Palatine serves as the viceregal Representative of the King. The Grand Minister and Court of Consuls form the executive branch, while legislative power is vested in the Supreme House. The High Court of Justice is vested with all judicial power, with some cases heard in the Common Court.