Ethan of Efransa

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His Majesty
King of Efransa

King of Efransa
Reign 10th April 2020 - present
Coronation TBD
Predecessor Himseslf as Chairman of the Presidency of the Union of Efransa
Reign 11th October 2018 - 27th July 2018
Coronation 20th April 2020
Predecessor Himself as Count Palatine of Maradia
Successor Himself as Emperor of the Iblusigoniands
House Borleandé
Father The Lord of Hawthorn
Mother The Queen Mother
Born 8 August 2006 (age 13)
Religion Efrasachin

Ethan (born 8 August 2006) is the King of Efransa. Currently in his second reign, his first reign lasted from October 11, 2018 until July 2019. After that, he served as Emperor of the Efrasachinds, and then Emperor of the Iblusigoniands. In between then and his current reign, he served in various elected offices as well as King of Maradia and Fineomige.

As the first Monarch of Efransa, King Ethan has undertaken a great many duties in the creation of the government, and has been appointed to many political offices. As the first Monarch, Ethan is known as the Father of the Nation.

Early Life

The King was born on August 8, 2006, to the Lord of Hawthorn and the Queen Mother. His interest in politics developed after the death of former New York Governor Mario Cuomo, as well as his previously developed interest in history and geography.

He participated in his school’s level of the National Geographic Geobee all years of middle school, narrowly missing the top five all three years.


The King developed an interest in micronationalism developed from a YouTube video about Molossia. He soon established the County Palatine of Maradia, along with the Duke of Arreau.

He soon became King of Floeratia, later of Efransa. This period gave him little power, and he soon established himself as Emperor of the Efrasachinds (Iblusigoniands), a title which he held for mere months before the September Revolution.

He briefly served as Acting President of Tribarcas, before losing the election and becoming Prime Minister. His premiership was also cut short, he became President against the traditional succession order, which would have placed the Vice President, the Viscount Chatham, ahead.

Soon, Tribarcas became the United Kingdom of Maradia and Fienomige, but this died out after mere months as well. He then served as President of Ludisirga, and then Chairman of the Presidency of the Union of Efransa.

He has once again reigned as King of Efransa since April 10th, 2020, with the modern times becoming a period of prosperity compared to the former months.

Titles and Styles

  • 8th August 2006-17th June 2017Birth Name
  • 17th June 2017-1st June 2018 His Highness the Count Palatine of Maradia
  • 11th October 2018-present His Majesty the King

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