Cabinet of Efransa

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Machy Cabinet I
6th ministry of Efransa Efransa Flag.jpeg
Efransa Cabinet Logo.jpeg
Date formed 20 April 2020
People and organizations
Head of government The Countess of Machy
Head of state Ethan
No. of ministers 2
Ministers removed
Total no. of ministers 3
Member party Social Democrats
Status in legislature Supermajority
Opposition party People’s League
Opposition leader The Lord of Guane
Election(s) April 2019 Special Election
Legislature term(s) 1st Parliament
Budget(s) 2020
Previous Chatham II

The Cabinet of the Kingdom of Efransa (Efrasachin: Gabinet du Rouiame od Elfransa), officially His Majesty’s Machy I Cabinet (Efrasachin: Gabinet Machy I du Sa Majestadé du Rouiame od Elfransa) is the executive branch of His Majesty’s Government in the Kingdom of Efransa.

The Cabinet consists of the Prime Minister and three Ministers, as per Article five Section three, the Minister of Home Affairs, the Minister of Foreign Relations, and the Minister of Social Affairs. The responsibilities of each Minister are as determined in the Cabinet Act of 2020. The Cabinet’s internal operations are as regulated by the Prime Minister in the Cabinet and Ministerial Code.

Operations of the Cabinet, along with the rest of the Government are suspended by the state of emergency proclaimed in the National Coronavirus Response Act of 2020.


Under the Comitial Period, there was no equivalent of a Cabinet, although, the Council of Electors Palatine and the Grand Minister advised the then-Count Palatine (and modern King) on the governance of Maradia. Electors Palatine did not however, have specific policy areas (such as the current Home or Social Ministers.

The first true Cabinet was under the Kingdom of Floeratia, later the first Kingdom of Efransa. In the last weeks of the first Kingdom, the Cabinet was renamed the Council of Ministers, a designation which it maintained throughout the Imperial Period and the Republican Era.

The Council of Ministers was the de jure executive branch of the United Kingdom of Maradia and Fienomige, but under the Transitional Government, the Cabinet was the core executive body. After the fall of the Union, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ludisirga filled the void, comprising six Ministers.

Most recently, the Council of Ministers was a large body comprising the entire executive branch of the Union of Efransa, while the Cabinet was the consisted of the core Ministries. The modern Cabinet was established by the 2020 Constitution and the later Organic Law of the Cabinet.

Current Cabinet

The current Cabinet (Machy I) was formed on April 20, 2020 just one day after the passage of the Constitution. The current standing is as of June 1, 2020 and the resignation of the Count of Onicles.

  • The Countess of Machy; Prime Minister and Minister of Home Affairs
  • The Viscount Chatham; Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Social Affairs, and Acting Minister of Foreign Relations
  • Minister of State, Vacant

The Attorney-General, His Majesty’s Treasurer, the National Ombudsman, and the Leader of the Opposition are often also invited to attend Cabinet meetings. The King also attends meetings frequently, in both his capacities as Monarch and President of the Government.

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