Church of Efransa

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Church of Efransa
Eglisa od Elfransa (Efrasachin)
FounderEthan of Efransa

The Church of Efransa (Efrasachin: Eglisa od Elfransa) is the established church of the Kingdom of Efransa. The Monarch is the head of the church as Patriarch of Efransa. The Monarch choses the Archbishop of Efransa, who is the leader of the Holy Synod.


The Church of Efransa has only every existed during the First Efrasachin period, the Imperial period and the modern day. The Monarch has always been head of the Church, with different titles from time-to=time.


The Church of Efransa is governed by the Holy Synod of the Clergy. The divisions of the Church are conterminous with the divisions of the state. Provinces are both divisions of the Church and State, church Dioceses are Prefectures, and church Parishes are Municipalities.

The provinces have Bishops (the Bishop of Efrasaduro and the Bishop of Pormalia). They oversee four Priests each, who themselves oversee Deacons. All of the Clergy serve at the pleasure and direction of the Monarch, as Patriarch and supreme authority.

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