Administrative divisions of Efransa

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The Efrasachin Empire is primarily divided into five Arrondissements and one Comarca, along with multiple Territories.

Metropolitan Efransa

Metropolitan Efransa consists of the Arrondissements and Comarcas.


The Arrondissements (also legally considered Cities) are the federal and incorporated states of the Empire. Arrondissements are considered as members of the Empire, and are authorized to leave the Empire by the Local Government Act, however this portion of the act is constitutionally debated. Arrondissements are established from Comarcas, aside from the five established by the LGA: Soavet, Parsrid, Maradia, St. Olaf, and Gloucestershire. Each Arrondissement has a directly elected Mayor and Arrondissement Council, with the Mayors elected at the same time as the Monarch and the Council alongside Parliament.


Comarcas (also known as Towns) are the incorporated by non-federal areas of the Empire, ie. they are part of the Empire in consideration of electing Members of Parliament and the Monarch, but are not devolved as much power as the Arrondissements. There is only one Comarca: Eastern Efransa, consisting of the Eastern half of Efrasachin land. There is a proposal to designate the area of the former Province of Efrasaduro as Soavet Comarca, so as to require no Arrondissement contains the capital of the Empire. Any expansions of Efrasachin territory not made Territories will become Comarcas.


The Territories are unincorporated territory, meaning that their residents (if any) have no right to vote in national elections, but unlike Comarcas they are represented in the Local Council. There are currently three territories maintained from the Second Kingdom: Marginacote, Aruçao, and Avienne. Monarra and Glenkill are still disputed pertaining to their status.

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