Constitution of Efransa

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Constitution of the
Efrasachin Empire
Created 7th April 2021
Ratified TBC
Location National Archive
Authors Dowager King Ethan

The Constitution of the Efrasachin Empire (Efrasachin: Constitucion d'Imperie Elfrasachin) is the supreme law of the Efrasachin Empire. The Constitution consists of two articles and one "preliminary section". The Constitution is a major influence in the law of the Empire, but also was authored to be vague, much like the Constitution of the Second Kingdom of Efransa, to provide for a broad way of interpretation.




Section 1

Section 1, which is not included in either Article, establishes the basis of the Empire as "one, sovereign, and democratic" and "bornd by the rule of law, principles of equality, freedom and democracy". It also designate the empire as a social state, a designation which is a frequent phrase used in debate within the House of Commons.

Article I

Article I establishes the fundamental rights and freedoms of the peoples within Efransa, including free speech, free thought, freedom of religion

Article II

Article II outlines the Government establishing the Monarchy, House of Commons, Chancellor. Ruling Council, and General Court in vague terms. The Separation of Powers Act clarifies the roles of these institutions, and along with the Local Government Act and the Elective Monarchy and Fixed-Term Parliaments act as the three "Basic Laws of the Realm", sitting just below the Constitution in legal precedence. The final section of Article II also establishes the means for amending the Constitution.

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