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Efrasachin Empire
Coat of arms
Motto: Per Aspera Ad Astra (Latin: Through hardship to the stars)
Anthem: Everlasting Efransa
Largest cityParsrid
Official languagesEnglish; Maradi-Efrasachin
Demonym(s)Efrasachin; Efrasachind
GovernmentAsymmetric Federal [a] Parliamentary Democracy under a Semi-Constitutional Elective Monarchy with elements of Direct Democracy
• Empress
Sofia I
Viscount Chatham
LegislatureHouse of Commons
• (as of 2021 census) census
CurrencyEfrasachin Fraseta

The Efrasachin Empire is a self-proclaimed sovereign state, commonly referred to as a micronation by external observers located in Upstate New York. The Empire, which became such on April 7, 2021 previously existed in summer 2019. The first incarnation of the Empire succeeded the First Kingdom of Efransa, while the modern one (through the Commonwealths of Efransa and Audelpins) succeed the Second Kingdom of Efransa.

First established as the County Palatine of Maradia in June 2017, the Empire is considered the legitimate (and thus far only) direct successor to the County Palatine. Over its four years, the Empire has existed twice as the Kingdom of Efransa, twice as the Efrasachin Empire, once as the Iblusigonian Empire, once as the United Kingdom of Maradia and Fienomige, among other names. The modern Empire was founded on April 7, 2021 with the Azure Revolution.

The government is organized into three branches, the Executive, overseen by the Chancellor, the legislative, composed of the House of Commons, and the Judiciary, which has one court known as the General Court. The Empress is the chief of state and the head of all government branches. There is no clear constitutional separation of powers, although there is a Separation of Powers Act. The Elective Monarchy Act also provides for elections of the Monarch. The Empire is divided into Arrondissements, which are federal states, Comarcas, which are directly administered regions, and Territories, which are as the name implies.

Efransa currently is in the process of re-establishing broken relations after the collapse of the Second Kingdom. The first nation with established relations with the Empire is Naveria.


The name “Efransa”, derives from Spanish for Spain (España)and French for France (France). Many Efrasachin words are derived from culminations of French and Spanish.

The initial plan for Efransa was for its language, culture, and government to be culminations and heavily influenced of and by France and Spain. This was the case for the first incarnation of Efransa, with the modern state having many unique aspects.

The people of Efransa are officially the Efrasachin people or the Efrasachinds, while an individual person is known as an Efrasachind. This was also heavily influenced by Spanish and French demonyms.


Earlier History

Efransa has had a relatively long, but mostly uneventful history. Beginning with the County Palatinate of Maradia in June 2017, the nation had mostly absolute rule from King Ethan I, then known as Count Palatine. The Maradian period was mostly uneventful, with the only major aspect being the drafted first Constitution, which was never completed.

During the Dark Ages, a period covering the summer months of 2018, the governments of the Efrasachin people remain lost to history, but most are remembered to be Republics. The Kingdom of Floeratia was established in October 2018, on the eleventh. The nation soon became the First Kingdom of Efransa, which oversaw a Renaissance of massive development, with the first ever Cabinet being formed and the first Constitution adopted. July 2019 brought the Declaration of the Empire, which created the First Efrasachin Empire.

Iblusigonia however, is note viewed with as much good thoughts as these. The nation was built on a highly fictional basis, and the former Emperor, who is now known as King Ethan I, has expressed that "The heat of that [2019] summer must have made me a little, crazy. I mean, an entire fake contient, ludicrous!".

After the collapse of the Empire in September with the September Revolution. The short-lived Republican period saw the first termination of the Viscount Chatham. During the Globalization Period, Maradia-Fienomige oversaw the establishment of a presence in the community. After Federation, the Union of Efransa governed for just under a month.

Second Kingdom and Commonwealth

Modern Empire

The modern state was established on April 7, 2021. Not much has happened since, but the Imperial Government is working towards re-establishing connections within the community.

Politics and Government

The Empire is an Asymmetric Federal Parliamentary Democracy under a Semi-Constitutional Elective Monarchy with elements of Direct Democracy. The Monarch, currently styled as Empress Sofia I, known as the Emperor when a male monarch is elected, is the head of state and chief executive. The Empress holds almost all executive power, but is bound to hear the advice of the Chancellor and Ruling Council, and almost always does. The House of Commons is the legislative branch, consisting of currently 5 (one for every Arrondissement) members elected at-large through a party-list system. Unlike many nations, the Speaker of the House of Commons is immensely powerful, and acts as head of state in the absence of a Monarch, often single-handedly manages the Monarch, and in the common situation were the Speaker is the only member of the House apart from the Chancellor and ex officio Monarch, executes all functions of the House unilaterally. The General Court of the Empire is the sole court, and its individual Justices hear cases. The Court of Session sits for civil cases, the Court of Justice for criminal, and the Special Court for other cases. The Court of Cassation is the full court, and is presided over by the Chief Justice.

Administrative Divisions

The Local Government Act allows for the Empire to be divided into Arrondissements, Comarcas, and Territories. Arrondissements are federal states, and are even sometimes considered confederal states as they are are allowed to leave the Empire, and are considered sovereign, but not independent of the Empire. Comarcas are directly administered ad ruled by Imperial Commissioners unilaterally. Territories are considered "equal to Arrondissements in considerations of autonomy", but are ruled by Imperial Commissioners similar to those in Comarcas. The five Arrondissements are: Soavet, Parsrid, Maradia, Gloucestershire, and St. Olaf. The sole Comarca is Eastern Efransa. There are three territories inherited from the Second Kingdom of Efransa: Marginacote, Avienne, Aruçao, with the status of Glenkill and Monarra still under consideration.


Efransa aims to be one of the foremost (micro)nations when it comes to protecting the environment. Efransa requires that energy producers use renewable sources, and encourages people to build solar panels, much like the Palace of Hawthorn. Hunting is strictly limited, with very specific days, times, and animals allowed. The Ministry of Home Affairs regulates Efrasachin Environment, through the Environmental Protection and Energy Agency, led by The Viscount Chatham.


Image of a portion of the Marginal Way, unknown if this is located within Efransa. Downloaded from Pinterest

Efransa is located almost entirely in Upstate New York, specifically the New York Capital Region, north of Albany, with satellite ares near Oswego, New York and Kennebunc, Maine. Small islands off of the French coast, near Brittany and off the Spanish coast near Galicia are also claimed. The land surronding Efransa has numerous hills, large fields, and buildings.

Efransa contains two main land types: fields and paved areas, colloquially named Ludisirgan and Bermion Areas respectively. About 75% of the nation is part of the Ludisirgan Areas, including the three largest Prefectures. Although, most have a mixture of both Areas, primarily found in Desozziyu, and namely in Amerlin via the Ring of Hanue.

Efrasaduro is the smallest of the three Provinces. Grand Ouste is almost entirely grassy fields, and is the largest Efrasaduron Prefecture. Parsrid, the national capital, is also considered Ludisirgan Areas. Catazur and Brisqau are two of the three entirely Bermion Areas, with the other being Dulan in Pormalia. Major features of Efrasaduro include the three Communes of Parsrid and the Grand Ouste panhandle.

Pormalia consists of Dulan, the sole entirely Bermion Area, along with the Ring of Hanue constituted all of Bermion in Pormalia, with all of Amerlin (excluding the Ringt), Limone, and Mahnen constituting Ludisirgan Areas. Easily the most notable feature of Pormalian geography is its distinct upside-down tractor shape.

Desozziyu is undisputedly the largest Province. It also contains the two largest Prefectures: Livuska and Beloyuris, which are followed by Mahnen in Pormalia, Cesyina (also in Desozziyu), and Grand Ouste in Efrasaduro. Like the other Provinces, it is mostly fields, but the Mohawk Lake is a major feature. Desozziyu also contains the Duchess of Floeratia Rose Garden, and various other national parks. These will be governed by a special state agency in Desozziyu, it is unknown what this will be called.

The Collectivities have similar geography to the Provinces, mostly field areas, most notably Maradia and Monarra. New Gloucestershire is very similar to Efrasaduro, and is located very near to it. Avienne's geography is mostly unknown, but is assumed to be a rocky area, due to it consisting of various islands. Aruçao also has unknown geographic features. Glenkill consists of a small river and some forests. The Caisonia is mostly fields as well, while Empranise is mostly buildings and paved parking lots.


Efransa’s weather is usually sunny with some clouds here and there. The temperature is usually one either extreme (very cold or very hot). Weather is usually also quite strong when it hits, though for short periods of time. Efransa has little history of natural disasters, due to its northern location. The most recent disasters were some minor tornadoes in nearby Rotterdam, as well as remenants of 2011 Hurricane Irene and of 2020 Tropical Storm Fay

Climate data for Albany, New York (South of Metropolitan Efransa) 1981–2010 normals, extremes 1874–2020
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Record high °F (°C) 71
Average high °F (°C) 30.5
Daily mean °F (°C) 22.5
Average low °F (°C) 14.5
Record low °F (°C) -26
Average Precipitation inches (mm) 2.71
Average Snowfall inches (cm) 1.7
Average precipitation days (≥ 0.01 in) 12.8 10.4 12.1 11.9 13.1 12.2 10.8 10.7 9.8 10.4 11.7 11.9 137.8
Average snowy days (≥ 0.1 in) 10.3 7.6 5.6 1.2 0.1 0 0 0 0 0.1 2.5 7.4 34.8
Source: weather.gov,[1] rssweather.com,[2] weather.com-us [3]

Flora and Fauna

The flora and fauna of Efransa match that of most of Upstate New York and the rest of the Northeastern United States/Great Lakes Region. Animals such as the Deer and Owl are frequently seen animals with Metro Efransa. Like much of North America red-tailed hawks can be frequently sited, as can Cottontail rabbits. Many trees and flowers grow naturally, including the Balsamic Fir. The Duchess of Floeratia is also a prominent Gardner within the Kingdom, with many colorful flowers she has planted.


Information TBD


The Economy of Efransa is currently undergoing heavy development, with Chancellor Chatham being directed by the House of Commons to author a bill regulating the economy. As the Chancellor is considered to be very “progressive” in the American sense, and has even expressed sympathy for Socialist and Communist ideology, the bill is expected to be highly regulatory in nature.

Public Finance

Old 5 Fraseta Note, the currency of Efransa

The Department of Finance and Budget is the highest financial institution in the Empire. The Ministry oversees Treasury, and his numerous divisions such as the Revenue (tax), Budget, and Currency divisions. The [[Reserve Bank of Efransa|Bank}} oversees the management of the Fraseta.

The Currency Division is responsible for the regulation of the Efrasachin Fraseta. The Imperial Mint oversees production of the Fraseta Notes, and Raitero coins. The Comptroller of the Currency regulates all aspects of the currency. The Bank of Efransa is the state-owned credit union and financial services provider, primarily for low-income individuals.

Business and Industry

Efransa has very few public businesses, and one private businesses, although, both are legal. The largest non-state owned company is Siwwi Hamster Entertainment Enterprises, co-owned by the King. The King also serves as Deputy President and Chief Everything Else Officer of the First National Bank of Sussie. The National Defense Corporation and the Royal Utilities Company are examples of state enterprises.



Efransa has multiple established corporations. Most however, do not export their product. Most of the resources are de facto imported from the United States


Efransa imports almost everything from American retail stores, as well as the global company Amazon.


Utilities are de facto provided by American companies, while they are provided by the Royal Utilities Company de jure. There are few buildings in Efransa, excluding homes within Caisonia and some small structures in the Provinces. Certain American companies are de jure located within the Special District of Empranise. Efrasachin infrastructure is strong, there are very few buildings in the Provinces and Collectivities, but they are abundant in Caisonia and Empranise.


Culture and Media

The Culture of Efransa is a melting pot of many different cultures, predominantly American, British, French and Spanish culture The Efrasachin Culture is not simply a culmination of those cultures, it is but everything has uniquely (or semi-uniquely) Efransa aspects to it. Efrasachin Culture was constructed by the Dowager King and is considered to incorporate nature into Efrasachin life, represented by the Crown of Feathers, the national crown.

Tacos, a favorite dish within Efransa

Efrasachin cuisine incorporates all of the primary flavor groups: sweet, salty, spicy, and sour. The most prominent among these are salty and spicy. The national dish is an Orange Creamsicle. Some of the favorite dishes in Efransa include: Steak, Tacos, Efransa-style Chicken, Meatloaf, and almost anything Chocolate. Seafood is also very widely eaten with Efransa, and is a national favorite.

Efransa has two official languages, two co-official languages, and three recognized languages. English and Maradi-Efrasachin are the primary official languages of the nation, while French and Spanish are co-official. German, Dutch, and Russian are recognized languages. Japanese, Italian, Norwegian, Irish, Welsh, and Czech are also non-officially recognized, but active languages within Efransa. The Maradi-Efrasachin language is a culmination of French and Spanish, and is governed by the Maradi-Efrasachin Language Academy.

Efransa also has many unique (and many common) holidays. Empire Day celebrates the restoration of the Empire on April 7, 2021, and also celebrates the Constitution. Efransa day, celebrated on October 11, represents the day considered to be when the First Kingdom of Efransa (then known as Floeratia) was founded. June 20 is Independence Day, as the Second Kingdom became independent on that day.

Date Name Type Notes
1 January New Year's Day Public holiday (national) The start of the new year.
7 April Empire Day Public holiday (national) Celebrates the restoration of Empire on April 7, 2021. Also celebrates the second Constitution.
20 June Independence Day Public holiday (national) Celebrates the 2020 Independence Declaration of Efransa for the Second Kingdom, which also is considered to cover successor states.
11 October Efransa Day Public holiday (national) The most important of the national holidays, the national day itself. Celebrating the establishment of the first Kingdom of Efransa.
25 December Christmas Day Public observance (national) Celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, not an established holiday, but observed by the Monarchy and many citizens.

The Royal Efrasachin Press Corps is the primary press organization. Freedom of the press is guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. The State Telecommunications Company provides telecommunications and broadcasting services, and runs the Royal Gazette. Siwwi Hamster Entertainment Enterprises is a large media company, co-owned by the King. The King also co-owns King and Chatham Law Partners, along with The Viscount Chatham, the incumbent Deputy Prime Minister.

The Church of Efransa is the national church, governed by the King as Patriarch of Efransa. The Church is not state-sponsored, except through the Monarchy. Freedom of religion is also guaranteed by the Bill of Rights.

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