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Arrondissement of Soavet
Marrondismirent modle Mesoavet
CapitalSoavet (city-Arrondissement)
Official languagesEnglish
DemonymEfrasachin (National) Soavetian (Prefectural)
GovernmentEfrasachin Arrondissment
• Mayor
LegislatureArrondissement Council (3)
• Foundation
September 2019
• Pormalian Town
May 2021
• Capital of Efransa
April 9, 2021
• Area
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• Water (%)
• Land (%)
• 2019 estimate
3 (citizens) >200 (Non-citizen Residents)
Time zoneEastern Standard (UTC-4)
Date formatdd/mm/yy (CE)
Drives on theright

Soavet, officially the Arrondissement of Soavet (Maradi-Efrasachin: Marrondissmirent modle Mesoavet) is the capital city of the Efrasachin Empire, designated as such from Resolution 1 (2021) which moved the capital from Parsrid. The Arrondissement also houses Efransa’s only resident citizens, but Parsrid contains more people overall.

Soavet was founded in September 2019 as the capital of Tribarcas. The city dissolved during the Maradia-Fienomige era, but was restored with the foundation of Pormalia in the Second Kingdom of Efransa, but again ceased to exist during the Commonwealth. The city again was reincarnated as the capital of Efransa on April 9, 2021.

The city house the official government buildings and the official residences of the senior officers of government.


The city is named for Efransa’s founders, but specifications are top secret.