Royal Efrasachin Army

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Royal Efrasachin Army
Erjemito Rèale Elfrasachin
Efrasachin Royal Army Emblem.png
Emblem of the REA
Efrasachin War Flag.jpeg
National War Flag
Founded14 October 2018
Service branchesGround Corps
Royal Armada
Royal Air Wing
Royal Efrasachin Gendarmerie
Efrasachin Civil Guard
Prime Minister of EfransaThe Countess of Machy
Commander of the Royal ArmyThe Baron Phava
Military age10
ConscriptionIn Wartime
Active personnel3
Reserve personnel27
Deployed personnel0
Percent of GDP0.0%
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RanksCommander, Colonel, Chief Constable, Constable

The Royal Efrasachin Army (Efrasachin: Erjemito Rèale Elfrasachin) is the national military Kingdom of Efransa. The King serves as the constitutional commander-in-chief. Regular authority is exercised by the High Command. The Commander of the Army is the highest ranking serviceman.

The Army is divided into three Companies, delegated infantry, artillery, and armory functions. Each Company is commanded by a Colonel and a Chief Constable. Every Company consists of two Constables. The Companies also traditionally have ceremonial Colonels-in-Chief.

The Air Wing consist of nine paper airplanes. The Commodore is the leader of the Air Wing. Each Company has a corresponding Flight, commanded by a Flight Captain. Each Flight has three paper airplanes. The King is also Commodore-in-Chief of the Air Wing.


The Royal Army was founded in its initial form as the Grand Military of the County Palatine of Maradia, which only existed de jure.

The Royal Army in its most recent form was created as the Armed Forces of the Kingdom of Floertia (later Efransa), soon followed by the Federal Armed Forces of the Efrasachin (later Iblusigonian) Empire.

The Federal Armed Forces were succeeded by those of the Tribarcasian states, then of Maradia-Fienomige, and then Ludisirga. Most recently, the Federal Efrasachin Defense Force was its predecessor.

De facto, the Royal Army was created on April 19, 2020, along with the Constitution. The Royal Army Act, was only granted royal assent on May 2nd.

Command Structure

The High Command of the Royal Army is the command authority for the entire Army, in the name of the King. The King, as commander-in-chief of the Army, is the head of the High Command. The Commander of the Royal Army is the most senior serviceman in the Royal Army.

The High Command consists of the leaders of each branch, the Corporal of the Ground Corps, the Lord Admiral, the Commodore of the Air Wing, the Provost of the Royal Gendarmerie, and the the Commandant of the Civil Guard. The Prime Minister, the Minister of Home Affairs, and the Minister of Foreign Relations are ex officio members.

Ground Corps

The Ground Corps initially was the Royal Army as a whole, with the Air Wing as a division. Now, the Ground Corps serves as the land warfare branch of the Royal Army. The Ground Corps is the largest branch of the Royal Army in terms of sheer numbers. It is divided into the Infantry, Artillery, and Cavalry Companies. The entire Corps is overseen by the Corporal of the Ground Corps.

The Ground Corps has three ranks, excluding the Corporal: Colonel, Chief Constable, Constable. Each Colonel is placed in command of a Company, assisted by a Chief Constable. Colonels are commissioned officers, Chief Constables are warrant officers, and Constables are enlisted. Each Company also has a ceremonial Colonel-in-Chief, appointed by the King. Colonels-in-Chief have command authority if allowed by the King.

The Ground Corps is based at the Royal Barracks in Onicles, Brisqau.


File:Efransa Navy Jack.jpeg
Efrasachin Naval Jack

The Royal Armada consists various floating vessels, ranging from actual boats, to pool floats, and toy boats. This can be called the three Divisions: First (pool floats), Second (boats), and Third (toy boats). Each Division is commanded by a Lord Lieutenant.

HMPF Regina serves as His Majesty’s command ship, while HMS Erie is the largest ship in the fleet. The entire fleet operates under the Lord Admiral, a member of the High Command. The Royal Navy is based in Iroquois Lake.

The Lord Admiral also has command over the Coastguards during wartime, and some oversight authority during peace, however this is only in practice as the Lord Admiral is vested with “oversight over all state maritime activity within the waters and coast of Efransa”.

The majority of the fleet is made up of cruisers and personnel transports, although most can be converted into destroyers/attack vessels at the King’s will. There are two purpose made destroyers, although one is currently undergoing repairs.

Air Wing

The Air Wing is a branch of the Royal Army responsible for aerial military operations. The Commodore is responsible for the Air Wing, and reports to the Commander, but is not responsible to the Commander. The Air Wing is divided into three Flights, conterminous with the Companies.

Each Flight is commanded by a Flight Captain, and consists of three paper airplanes.


Currently, the Royal Army is only tasked with the defense of Efransa. The current Army has never been used in battle. But the under the first incarnation of Efransa, it was involved in the civil unrest, which was contained before it boiled into a civil war.

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