Efrasachin Federation

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The Federation of Efransa was the process by which three self-governing nations joined together to form the Union of Efransa, the direct predecessor state to the modern Kingdom of Efransa. These three nations were the Republic of Ludisirga, the People’s Republic of Gloucestershire, and Fencia. The Federation divided Ludisirga into three states, the Federal District, and a Union Territory. The States were: Efrasaduro, New Kensington, and Tenderloin. The modern Prefecture of Grand Ouste was the Union Territory of Western Efransa.

Preceding Events

The process of Federation began on March 13, 2020, an idea proposed by the now-King Ethan to the Countess of Machy and the Viscount Chatham. The idea sprung from internal disputes. The Viscount advocated for anarchism, while the King attempted to combat this. The Union was proposed via text, the Viscount surprisingly agreed. Each of the three was given a State to rule over.

The Countess named hers Tenderloin (after the Tenderloin in San Francisco), the Viscount governed New Kensington, and the King, Efrasaduro. They all collectively formed the Presidency of the Union, the King served as its one and only chair. The Union was a short period of little development, but it was a period of reunification for the nation, and it put an end to disputes.


Efrasachin Confederation was the process where the states once again became the Republic of Ludisirga, the People’s Republic of Gloucestershire, and the United Kingdom of Maradia and Fienomige all became republics within the Union. The period which these subsidiary republics existed within the Union formed the last week or two of the Union’s existence, before the Kingdom was re-established.

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