Efrasachin Fraseta

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Efrasachin Fraseta
Efrasachin 5 Fraseta Note.jpeg
Official usersKingdom of Efransa
Pegged toAmerican Dollar
NicknameOle Blue
PluralEfrasachin Frasetas
Coins25 Raiteros, 50 Raiteros, 1 Fraseta, 2 Frasetas
Banknotes5 Frasetas, 10 Frasetas, 20 Frasetas, 50 Frasetas, 100 Frasetas
Central bankReserve Bank
MintRoyal Mint

The Efrasachin Fraseta is the official currency of the Kingdom of Efransa. The Fraseta was created in April of 2019 as the currency of Efransa. The Fraseta is divided into 100 Raiteros, a principle that was established a year after the Fraseta.


Fraseta derives from a portmanteau the former French Franc and the former Spanish Peseta. The Raitero is named in part after the Venezuelan Petro, as it was historically a developmental cryptocurrency.


Frasetas are the paper currency of Efransa. One Fraseta is divided into 100 Raiteros.


The Fraseta has been the official currency of Efransa since the rapid development in May of 2019. The Fraseta had been a currency in name only, with some proposed designs until May 9, 2020, when it underwent development and its first exchange rate was established.

The Raitero was initially the cryptocurrency of Efransa, named in part after the Venezuelan Petro. The Raitero became the subunit of the Fraseta when Efransa resurfaced in April of 2020.


The Fraseta is considered by the King and the Superintendent of the Reserve Bank to be worth 60 American cents or one pickle. A jar of pickles may be traded for five Frasetas.

Exchange Rates

The only currently established and known exchange rate with the Fraseta is with the United States Dollar. People may trade 60 cents for one Fraseta, or one jar of pickles for five Frasetas. (As of 5/9/2020)

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