Two Pine

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Two Pine
Capital City
Wegmat Capital
Wegmat Capital
CountryFederal Union of Wegmat
Established30 November 2018
 • Total0.00213 km2 (0.00082 sq mi)
 • Water0 km2 (0 sq mi)
194 m (637 ft)
 • Total11
 • Rank3rd in Wegmat
Time zoneUTC-6 (GWT)

Two Pine is the oldest, capital and 3rd largest city in the Federal Union of Wegmat. This was originally the entire Kingdom during the Kingdom of Ridab. Two Pine is split into Two Wards. The first ward is sometimes referred to as Downtown Two Pine. Downtown Two Pine is mostly of government facilities and the residence of former royal family members. The second ward is made up of residential space. Two Pine is considered the political center of Wegmat.


Wegmat was founded on 30 November 2018 as an absolute monarchy led by a Queen, which recognized animals as citizens.[1] It’s very small constitution was written to designate slight government control However, the nation was quite inactive until late March 2019, when the first (and current) Prime Minister visited the Conch Republic for Spring Break.[2] Soon afterwards, he decided to start drafting a new constitution, as well as encouraging other people to become citizens of Wegmat in the April 4 Acts. The country expanded out of Two Pine.


Two Pine is famous for many of it’s iconic locations. Many of the locations were founded by Ridab. Two Pine is made up of two wards. The lower ward is where most businesses are held and where the royal family, prime minister and ministry offices are located. The list only lists locations of the lower ward as the other ward is all residential.

Prime Ministers Estate

The Prime Ministers Estate is the household for the current prime minister. He spends most of his time in here.

Queen Imperial Palace

This was and is the household of the Queen. Famous for looking out onto the Capital Building.

The Model Museum

This is self explanatory. The Model Museum is a Museum of models.

The Capital Building

This is where parliament tries to meet every month. Members of Parliament the building also houses the Royal Limousine. It sits between both Pine trees.


It is easy to get to Two Pine. Wegmat Route 2 and Wegmat Route 3 both pass through the Capital. Most commuters mostly part of parliament bike here on these roads. Two Pine also has an abundance of streets. Two Pine also has an airport for cargo and small enough passengers can also get to the city via Weg Air.


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