South Potawatomi

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South Potawatomi
SPotawatomi Flag.jpegSeal of Irving.jpeg

Territroy in the Federal Union of Wegmat
Founded15 December 2020
Area64 Acres
GovernmentLocal Government of the Three Colors
GovernorJack Garo

South Potawatomi is a territory in the Federal Union of Wegmat. South Potawatomi is part of the In-Provinces, meaning it is in the general area of Two Pine. South Potawatomi became a territory as protest to a road being expanded, removing several trees.


South Potawatomi borders the USA to the East, Irving to the West, Drystone to the Southeast, Abierta to the Southwest and North Potawatomi to the North. South Potawatomi is located on the Great Plaines of Schiller. South Potawatomi has the largest body of Water in Wegmat (not including Fish Lake or the Des Plaines River), the Big Mud Lake

Big Mud Lake.



South Potawatomi has a meme culture similar to Two Pine, Darkwater is home to the Weg School of Comedy. Outside of Darkwater there isn't much of a culture considering that much of the area is unoccupied.


Darkwater does manufacture some goods for the Wegmat Armed Forces and local areas. The main export is agriculture however not all crops grown are for non-humans. Outside of Darkwater there is a garden growing fruit and vegetables.