Little Presque

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Little Presque
Territory of Little Presque Isle
Flag of Little Presque
Coat of arms of Little Presque
File:Little Presque Locator map.png
   Little Presque in    Michigan, United States
Country Wegmat
Established12 December 2018
Territorial SeatMarquis
 • TypeFederal territory
 • CommisionerClayton B. (FP)
 • Total3 population as of 2,023
 • Rank1st
Postal Abbreviation
Official language(s)English
Area25 Acres
LegislatureCommission of the Territories on Lake Superior, Marquette Area, and Northwest of Humboldt

Little Presque is the most north place in the Federal Union of Wegmat. Located West of Marquette, Michigan. It is located on Little Presque Isle and Partridge Island in Lake Superior.