Deer Party

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Deer Party
LeaderJames Panton
FoundedApril 4, 2019
Headquarters021 Rivershore Avenue Isadora, Hilda Wegmat

The Deer Party is a liberal/libertarian political party in the Federal Union of Wegmat. The Deer Party was founded for deer. After the Weg constitutional crisis and deer being banned in the Federal Government, the party became a general opposition to the socialist parties in Wegmat. In 2020 their first presidential candidate was ex-Minister of Foreign Exchange Tommy C. The party became very unpopular during the Post-war era in favor of the socialist parties in Wegmat. During the Paulina Depression the party grew in membership due to the Founders Party failing to recover the economy. The part switched from its big-tent politics to a liberal/libertarian policy. Some call the Deer Party the capitalism party because it is the main opposition to socialists in Wegmat. The party won the most seats in parliament ever in 2022. It also elected the first non-Founders Party President, James Panton.