Thatcher and Isadora Railroad

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Thatcher and Isadora Railroad
Rainbow Bridge in Isadora, the future sight of the Isadora Transit Center.
Main (s):Southern Wegmat, Ephraim and Illinois
Fleet size:TBD
Stations called at:26
Route km operated:10.44
National Rail abbreviation:T&I
Parent company:Wegmat International Railroad Authority
Wegmat Ministry of Transportation
Line length:10.44
Track length:10.44
No. of tracks:3.79
Gauge:1,435 mm (4 ft 8+1⁄2 in)
Standard gaugue
Operating speed:12 MPH
Route map

Canadian National
La Bamboise Connection
True Rainbow
Lincoln Pit
Prarie du Pont
Luxe Farm
Colorado Depot
Thatcher Thrine
Paradise City Connection
Union Pacific Railroad
Bushwood Connector
Intersector Transit Center
Oak Park
CSX Railway

Planned services:
 10  Acorn
 20  Acorn Limited
 30  Sunflower
 40  Huppert Special
 50  Great Keystone
 60  Garden Special

The Thatcher and Isadora Railroad, or the Isadora Line reporting mark T&I is a planned passenger and freight railroad running from the Chicago-Oak Park border to a neighborhood in River Grove, where a Weg Ways shuttle will run to La Bamboise. The Main-Line runs from Intersector Transit Center to Isadora, which runs through Gliffork and Hilda. The Wegmat International Railroad Authority, an agency of the Wegmat Ministry of Transportation, administrates and operates the railroad. Upon its completion, the T&I will be the only micronational standard gauge railroad.


The tracks were built by the Wisconsin Central Railway, now part of the Waukesha Subdivision of Canadian National. South of Madison street the tracks are part of the Altenheim subdivision of CSX. CSX trains rarely run past the Ferrara confectionary plant and CN trains rarely run because of the different track ownerships. A CN branch intersects with the line in River Grove. WIRRA has brought a share per kilometer of track of CN and CSX stocks. The WIRRA will not operate trains past Austin, nor pass the branch to keep every thing safe. According to most locals including police, the railroad has been abandoned since 2010. Weg Ways announced plans to build a train to run from Natetoria City to True Rainbow. Weg Ways rail was meant to be opened in summer of 2022. Due to the Paulina Depression, the plans were canceled. In November 2022, the Wegmat Ministry of Transportation formed WIRRA to build a trainset and begin services. WIRRA began operations to transport cargo between three sectors, the Des Plaines Valley Sector, Fox River Sector and the greater ACM. WIRRA transports boxes on the UP West Metra line and the CTA Blue Line.

WIRRA formed the Thatcher and Isadora Railroad (T&I) for the railroad that runs through Wegmat. Because of this, Wegmat annexed the rail right of way for the province of Gliffork, now all part of Keystone County. This region is now called the Cansoo range and has a higher elevation than many other parts of Wegmat. WIRRA has commissioned Wegmat Motors to build the locomotive engines and the National Works to build the rolling stock.


The T&I is administered by the Wegmat International Railroad Authority (WIRRA). The main line from Forest Park to Isadora is now in Weg claims. The right of way is a 30-foot wide slither of land in Keystone County, Gliffork. The area was part of an Unclaimed Zone of the Cansso Mountaineers Club, which claimed the hill that the railroad sat on was a mountain range, most Wegs now refer to it as the Cansoo range and some have begun settling it along the railroad.


Map of the Acorn, which rund on the Main Line and La Bamboise and Melrose Line.

The WIRRA has 3 lines and 9 subdivisions in total.

Main Line

The main line is planned to be the busiest and most used part of the railroad. The main line starts at the Intersector Transit Center and crosses Madison Street near Bushwood. The rail bed begins to gain elevation in the Cansoo range and crosses Jackie pass and the Keystone Bridge. After passing Lake Street the line begins to lose elevation, it passes through Chioak and Franklin in Emmiot county, Gliffork. At Franklin, it makes a turn west towards Hilda. The line stays straight through Colorado Depot and ends at Isadora.

La Bamboise and Melrose Line

The La Bamboise and Melrose Line, or LMBL will stay in the United States for the majority of its distance, except in Weimar and an exclave of Hydrove. The LBML begins in Isadora and crosses Rainbow Bridge towards True Rainbow. It exits Weimar on 1st avenue and travels through an industrial zone with only 2 stations. Upon entering the Framboise Subdivision the railroad enters new claims of Hydrove, it ends near grand avenue where a WIRRA-operated shuttle goes to La Bamboise's Weg Ways station.

Conservatory and City line

The Conservatory and City line is planned to run south of the Intersector Transit Center, it will be the least used and the most dangerous. A firefighter of the Federal Fire and Rescue Service will be required to stay on a train in case of emergency. The line moves south from the Bushwood Exclave that contains the Intersector Transit center. The line turns east and crosses Des Plaines Avenue and the Eisonhower Expressway. The line follows the Blue Line to Austin Avenue.

Current Services

The WIRRA transits freight on railroad networks of the Chicago Transit Authority and Metra.

Planned Services

The T&I will run passenger and freight on the rail line. Non-express trains will be mixed cargo and passenger.

Named trains

Schedule of the Acorn.

Rolling Stock

The WIRRA commissioned Wegmat Motors and National Works to construct a trainset for the T&I. National Works formed the Rail Division to develop the NW-RD L series. L-1 will be a battery-powered EMU that can switch from passenger to freight use easily. Wegmat Motors will install a 4500 RPM electric motor in the back which will power the back wheels. The 48-volt battery will be in a hood in front of the cab. The L soobliner will be a passenger car that can seat 8 passengers, it can be converted to a first-class car that an sit 4 passengers or into a luxury sleeper that can sleep 2 passengers. The NW-RD 123, will be an 8-foot-long cargo car.