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Province of Hilda
Flag of Hilda
Coat of arms of Hilda
   Hilda in    Wegmat
Country Wegmat
Established10 August 2019
 • TypeFederated republic
 • GovernorJames Panton (DP)
 • Total37 population as of 2,022
 • Rank1st
Postal Abbreviation
Official language(s)English
Area218 Acres
LegislatureHilda Congress
WebsiteProvince Page

Hilda is the largest in-province in the Federal Union of Wegmat. Hilda is an in-Province meaning it is in the general area of Two Pine. Hilda became a Province in a protest to not allow a hunting season in the Thatcher Woodland. Hilda is a long and populated province, stretching from the Essef border to 1st and Fullerton Avenues.


Hilda is named after the dog of the same name. Hilda was a Weimaraner who was an early Weg citizen. She passed in April 2018.


Hilda encompasses the Thatcher and Jerome woodlands. Both are forest preserves of Cook County. Weg citizens would visit these places sometimes for events and recreation. Hilda was founded by the Deer and Other Species Citizenship Status Act on 10 August 2019. Isadora was the largest city in the province. a new frontier opened north of North Avenue in the Bay of Trees area and Jerome valley. Fort Jerome was established as a military installation to defend Wegmat in the north. Fort Jerome would later become a larger city. In January 2020 the Wegmat Government began developing Evansville and the Hilda Keys. In mid-2020 the City of Isadora was gifted Rainbow Bridge and the town of Little Warsaw lost territory and importance. The northern part of Isadora would become equally as important as downtown. Isadora was the third largest city in Wegmat only beaten by Paradise City and the capital of Two Pine. Throughout 2020 Hilda was a staple and a thriving province. In late march 2021 during the Great Des Plaines Valley War parts of Hilda would become warzones. In 2022 Hilda continued to be one of the most important provinces to Wegmat's economy and culture despite the rise of the Bushwood Era.


Rainbow Bridge as seen from Isadora.

Hilda borders Essef to the south and Hydrove to the northwest. The United States borders Hilda to the east and the Kingdom of Emphraim borders the Hilda to the west on the other side of the Des Plaines River. Hilda is wider than many Weg provinces but is still longer than its width. Hilda is distinctly split into two cultural and geographical regions. Southern Hilda is south of North Avenue and is similar to Essef while Northern Hilda is north of North Avenue and is much more distinct. Southern Hilda has Isadora giving it a higher political and economic importance. Northern Hilda has a denser population despite it being a larger size. Northern Hilda has 2 cities, Fort Jerome and Evansville. Southern Hilda is mostly a flat woodland, however north of the train tracks is the southern end of the Hilda Highlands located in Bailey National Forest. The Hilda Highlands is the largest elevation difference in the In-provinces of Wegmat. The Hilda Highlands stretch from Bailey National Forest to Green Lake, Hydrove.


The economy of Hilda is industrial-agro. Industries are located in Isadora and Fort Jerome. The largest of which is woodworking and lumber milling. Agriculture is the largest employer in the province like most Weg provinces. Fishing and berry hunting are the most important. There are many services in Hilda as well. Shipping is important due to Hilda being a major crossroad. The Rainbow Hotel in Isadora is the largest in Wegmat.


The United States heavily influences Hilda's culture, prominently the state of Wisconsin. Cultural landmarks in the province include the Rainbow Hotel, Bailey Cliffs, the Hilda River, Peak Foxtrot, the Bay of Trees, and the Feild Peak.

Law and politics

Hilda is a swing province. The politics of Hilda are diverse with many capitalists and socialists confined in the same province. Hilda however has historically voted for the winning President in all three presidential elections.

Provincial government

The provincial government of Hilda is one of the largest in the country. With services for education and infrastructure, the Hilda Government owns more land than most provincial governments.


Hilda Provincial University in Isadora is the third largest university in Wegmat. Another major university in Hilda is the Uiniversity of the Woods at Fort Jerome.



Weg Ways has multiple stations throughout Hilda in its major cities. Route Connection 14 and Wegmat Route 4 connect all the major cities in Hilda through quick bike travel as these trails are heavily maintained. The Thatcher and Isadora Railroad runs through the southern end of the Province through Isadora.