North Potawatomi

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North Potawatomi
NPotawatomi Flag.jpegSeal of Irving.jpeg

Territroy in the Federal Union of Wegmat
Founded15 December 2020
Area59 Acres
GovernmentLocal Government of the Three Colors

North Potawatomi is a territory in the Federal Union of Wegmat. North Potawatomi is part of the In-Provinces, meaning it is in the general area of Two Pine. North Potawatomi became a territory as protest to a road being expanded, removing several trees.


North Potawatomi borders a territory of Paloma to the East, the Chaveleir Union to the North Irving to the Southwest and South Potawatomi to the Southeast. North Potawatomi is located on the Cumberland Ridge and a small section of the Great Plaines of Schiller in the south and North (by Robinson)




The area is commonly known as Robinson woods and is known to be haunted. Across the border in the PUCS is an Indian burial ground of the Robinson family because of this many people think that the residents (who are deer) are possessed by the spirits of those buried in the woods. Many places reflect this also across the Crystal River in Irving


North Potawatomi has a small population and the only economic activities are in Robinson as dense forest cover much of the province. The Forest may become a national forest soon however.