Economy of Wegmat

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Economy of the Federal Union of Wegmat
Bushwood Trade Market is the Federal Union's largest marketplace and Bushwood is the center of Union-owned assets.
CurrencyWeg Gogo (WGO)
GDP1,996,900 GØ
GDP growth-61.2%
GDP per capita9478 GØ
below poverty line
Labour force132
Average gross salary15,000 (Federally minunum wage)
Main industriesAgriculture, woodworking, fishing, clothing, services, media
Export goodsMedia, woodworking, fishing, clothing
Main export partners United States
Democratic Weimar Republic
Chaveleir Union
Import goodsFoods, utilities, fuel, household goods and appliances, clothing
Main import partners United States
Democratic Weimar Republic
Chaveleir Union
Public finances
Reserves50,000 GØ Steady
Budget surplus0 GØ
Revenues221,723 GØ
Expenses171,723 GØ
Economic aidUndisclosed amount to the United States
All values, unless otherwise stated, are in WGO, for FY 2021-22

The economy of the Federal Union of Wegmat is quite small however is developing quickly. Wegmat economy is heavily regulated by Provincial Governments, Unions, and some federal labor ordinances. Wegmat is a market socialist economy. Most companies have their means of production distributed among their employees, their products can be sold by independent merchants. On the Economic Potential Index, Wegmat's economy scores 2.7.

Economic activity

Map of GDP per capita for each province.


New Leaf Agriculture facility in Baruh National Forest, Hilda.

Agriculture is split into 2 sectors due to differing digestive systems and needs, all deer in Wegmat are in the agriculture industry to feed themselves. The human sector is much smaller, in the in-provinces it only consists of small gardens across Wegmat. The agriculture industry in Cenwister is the largest industry in all of the Federal Union and receives a special autonomy status from the Federal and Provincial governments.


Lumber from Wegmat which consists of deadwood that is not attached to the ground any is sent to Woodworking stations across the country and is processed into products by independent woodworkers who are commissioned by companies in Wegmat to produce wood products such as toys, tools, and industrial pioneering machines.


The Des Plaines River travels along Wegmat's west side for its entire distance springing up local fisheries. Fish are caught and than sold at a local market or shipped off to Bushwood Trade Karket or the Union Trading Post.


Designers from Wegmat sell clothing on websites like redbubble.


Creative arts are important to Weg culture. There are 4 theatres across Wegmat for the performing arts, 2 music venues, and 6 movie theatres. They are 2 major film studios that film in Wegmat or nearby in Illinois or other parts of the American Midwest. There are also 2 major music labels that have a variety of artists.



Cenwister alone accounts for 90% of all Exports with its large agriculture industry. All other Exports go to the Chaveleir Union or Confederation of Weimar.


Wegmat imports most of its food for humans, utilities, fuel, clothing and other home goods from the United States or from China via aliexpress.