Sledding in Wegmat

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Sledding is a popular winter recreational activity, in the Federal Union of Wegmat it has become distinct to Weg culture. They are multiple public sledding areas across Wegmat with amenities in so-called Sled Towns. Many sledders also go to Levare due to the Weg company, Devils Hill Ski and Sled Co-Op operating the former services offered by the National Park Agency.

Sledding Area Location Description
Bushwood City Seasonal Sled Area River District, Federal District of Bushwood The hill in the greenway between the River District and uptown is a City Park and is closed off during snowfall to be used for sledding. Bushwood Sled Fest uses this park.
Des Plaines National Park Sledding Area Ministry of Environment Area, Essef The hill is used for gravitational pull on pikes in the summer, when snowfall cover the hill the National Park Agency of Wegmat sets up a Mountain Patrol Service Station.
Little Warsaw Sled Resort Little Warsaw, Hilda In the eastern end of Little Warsaw along Rail Ridge, there is a resort with rest accommodations, a cafe, and sled services during its season. It is very popular due to its location near Rainbow Bridge and as its in the Isadora Metropolitan Area.
Foxtrot Mountain Sled Area Ministry of Environment Area, Hilda On Foxtrot Mountain the National Park Agency manages the Bay of Trees Accommodation which is part of both National Parks in the Evansville area. On the Hilda Highlands side the area is designated as a sled area in the winter and a mountain bike area in the summer.
Irving Sled Area Unincorporated Green Lodge General Area, Irving The province of Irving operates a Sled Area outside of Green Lake near WAF Fort Serpent. There is a Sled Service Center, Cafe, Resting Accommodations and the Wegmat Mountain Patrol provides safety despite not being federal land.
Traders Mountain National Park Ministry of Environment Area, Lost Lake City, Drystone Traders Mountain in Lost Lake City is a dedicated mountain park that switches from mountain bike to sledding seasons by season. Due to its location in Lost Lake City, a variety of services are provided.
Hillop Sled Resort Hillop, Abierta Hillop Sled Resort is the most popular sled area in all of Wegmat, Hillop is considered a sled town along with that with many sledding service being offered in the winter along with a full map of runs on Hillop mountains like most Sled Areas.