Deer and Other Species Citizenship Status Act

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Deer and Other Species Citizenship Status Act
Considered byWegmat Grand Parliament
Legislative history
Introduced byCole Baird
First reading23 June, 2019
Third reading10 August, 2019
Status: Unknown

The Deer and Other Species Citizenship Status Act or the DOSCS Act is an act that was passed for the Kingdom of Wegmat in response to River Forest’s deer culling program. The act had three phases. Phase I was to grant Deer Wegmat citizenship. Phase II was to gain it’s new territories in Essef and the new province of Hilda. Phase III was for funding and construction of Infrastructure in the New Territories.

Phase I

Phase I was written by Cole Baird in a summer camp called Lutherdale. He snuck a phone in and texted the Parliament group chat. It was signed on 23 June of 2019. It was to grant deer citizenship. A census was conducted by a team of government agents hired by the Wegmat Federal Services. The survey team counted 68 deer.

Phase II

Phase II was also written by Cole Baird and was passed in 1 August of 2019 before the royal trip up to West Oulu in New Finland. It was made that on 10 August the new territories will be added with the earlier censused deer to become residents. 10 August came by and Wegmat General Broadcaster wrote it’s first article on the new territories.

Phase III

Phase III was written in New Finland and was to grant funding of infrastructure in the future territories. On 5 August Cole Baird sent the Act to the Parliament group chat but was rejected and had to be edited as it was to expensive. Jayden G. changed the housing section to be more Fort Style than pioneer style. The edited version was passed 9 hours after the new territories.


Wegmat’s population raised to 137 and Wegmat grew 3 times as big. The construction costed the government 750 Gø ($75 USD). Woods culture from Cenwister and New Finland has grown to be a nationwide culture.