New Finland (territory)

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Not to be confused with the Newfoundland.
New Finland

Province in the Federal Union of Wegmat
CapitalNew Helsinki
Founded12 December 2018
Area2.5 Acres
GovernmentLocal Government of New Finland

New Finland is the northernmost province in the Federal Union of Wegmat. Located East of Humboldt, Michigan, New Finland is an Out-Province, meaning it is out of the general area of the capital city of Two Pine. New Finland became a territory during the existence of the Kingdom of Ridab.


The Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where New Finland is located, has a lot of Finnish ancestry. The residents of New Finland are Finnish and speak Finnish as well.


New Finland was claimed in 2018 by the order of the monarchy of Ridab. Following the April 4th Acts the claims were admitted into Wegmat as the province of New Finland. New Finland was the smallest province by area and relatively unimpactful to Wegmat. In 2022 New Finland gained new claims of land to its north. This is administrated by the New Finland Government but is not part of the province. It is now the Escanaba River Territory.


File:New Helsinki.jpg
New Helsinki is a unique city in Wegmat as it has a proper port and several amenities despite being the furthest city from the capital.

New Finland is split into three enclaves. The capital, New Helsinki is located on the south shore of Fish Lake. West Oulu, New Finland Provincial Forest, and Ölitil are located on the north shore of Fish Lake. Rekiskälit is located on Monkey Island in Fish Lake.


New Finland has two very large fisheries. Fish Lake has a lot of fish given the name. Up to 200 pounds of fish are caught by New Finland's fisheries a year. Another major factor in the economy is Tourism. West Oulu's resort drives in visitors from Wegmat including the Baird family.

Provincial government

The provincial government mirrors that of the Wegmat Government. The official language in New Finland is Finnish making all government websites and meetings done in Finnish. The New Finland government also administers the Little Presque and Escanaba River territories in cooperation with the Wegmat Navy.



New Finland uses Fish Lake to its advantage. Ships depart between New Helsinki and West Oulu constantly. The New Finland Ferry is a government-operated service that ships cargo and passengers between the three enclaves.