Lowzboy Industries

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Lowzboy Industries
Inventions and Entertainment
IndustyInventions and Entertainment
HeadquartersTwo Pine, Wegmat, 12 Lower Riats Avenue
Founded11 April 2016
Area servedWorldwide
Number of employees2

Lowzboy Industries is a company in Wegmat. It is the second largest company and part of the Big 7. It works on both Entertainment and Construction. It’s construction builds several infrastructure in Wegmat. It’s rival company Lerkhire built most of Isadora and Fort Jerome. Lowzboy’s entertainment is not rivaled and is the most popular entertaining company based in Wegmat.


Lowzboy was founded in Littleton with the name of the Cole Baird Company named after Cole Baird, the CEO and founder of the company. The company specialized in making overpriced signs. The company later expanded to video games on Scratch with the subsidiary name Bakenee it was a local success in his elementary school hiring 4 other people to help in game development. The subsidiary's largest success was Spade the Cat a platformer game with resemblance to Super Mario Bros it released 2 games. The company went silent but was found referenced in Republic of Falmont a Minecraft micronation before the creator, Cole knew about micronationalism itself. Lowzboy still known as the Cole Baird Company created Wormhole TV in early 2018 which Cole made Gaming Videos of Fortnite and other games. When the Kingdom of Wegmat was founded Lowzboy was renamed to Wormhole and created Team Lowz where the name originated from. Wormhole TV began creating and stealing videomemes which was successful locally. When in February Wormhole produced it’s first video consisting of polandball history on World War I after that production of a video on the History of China with the same style but more polished. After Cole B.’s Spring Break in the Conch Republic the modern Lowzboy came to be posting random videos for the Lowzboy Youtube account.


Lowzboy has a number of Businesses that our not entertainment.


Lowzboy Construction contracts both privately and for the Wegmat Government it has both built almost half of Thatcher City’s many buildings including the unopened Lake Essef Hanging Intermicronational Art Museum hanging over Lake Essef.


Lowzboy has created 2 aircraft the LZI 1s2 and the LZI WAC B in a facility in Xavier.


Lowzboy operates the Ian's Needs Cafe and specializes in packed sandwiches.


Lowzboy Investments Invests in several companies on both the Wegmat Master Stock Market and Big 7.


Lowzboy creates entertainment media for the micronational community.


MicroWatch is a free streaming platform that allows films short and long, tv shows and memes.


Lowzboy has an archive of Discord Screen shots and memes posted in the #memes channel of the MicroWiki@Discord and several original memes relating to other things and the MicroWiki sector

Wormhole TV

Wormhole TV is a YouTube channel that makes Polandball history videos however has been inactive for awhile.

Wormhole Music

Wormhole Music has published the album of Toad's Factory and is working on heavy expansion.


Wormhole Studios is a project that is going to make in movies for the Microwiki community.