Wegmat Foreign Exchange Ministry

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Ministry of Foreign Exchange
Agency overview
HeadquartersWegmat Federal Offices
Two Pine, Wegmat
Annual budget2,000 Gø
Ministers responsible

The Wegmat Foreign Exchange Ministry is a ministry of the Federal Union of Wegmat.


III FCW 2.1 gives the ministry its power. Article 1: Office of the Director of Foreign Exchange

  • (1) The Office of the Minister of Foreign Exchange is hereby established as a minister position within the Council of States of Wegmat, with the purpose of managing the country's foreign affairs and trade policies.
  • (2) The objectives of the Office of the Director of Foreign Exchange shall be to promote Wegmat's interests abroad, advance its security and prosperity, and represent its values and culture to the international community. The office shall also be responsible for negotiating and implementing international agreements and treaties, and overseeing the country's trade relations with foreign partners.
  • (3) The Office of the Director of Foreign Exchange shall perform the following functions:
    • (a) Represent the government of Wegmat in diplomatic relations with foreign countries and international organizations.
    • (b) Negotiate and implement international agreements and treaties on behalf of Wegmat.
    • (c) Manage the country's trade relations with foreign partners, including the negotiation and implementation of trade agreements.
    • (d) Promote the country's economic interests abroad and support the growth of its businesses.
    • (e) Provide consular services to Wegmat citizens abroad.
    • (f) Develop and implement foreign policy and trade policy for the government of Wegmat.
    • (g) Coordinate with other government departments to promote the country's interests


  • (4) The Ministry of Foreign Exchange shall be headed by the Minister of Defense and Foreign Exchange, who shall be appointed by the Prime Minister and confirmed by the Parliament. The office shall also have such other staff as may be required to carry out its functions.
  • (5) The Director of Foreign Exchange shall submit an annual report to the Parliament on the activities and accomplishments of the Ministry of Foreign Exchange. The report shall include information on the country's diplomatic relations with foreign countries, the implementation of international agreements and treaties, and the progress of trade negotiations and agreements.


  • The Board of Ambassadors is made up of all ambassadors and is responsible for fostering diplomacy with other nations and organizations on behalf of the Federal Union
  • The International Trade Service is responsible for regulating international commerce and for advocating for further international commerce.
  • The Commercial Customs Service is responsible for customs on shipping companies at land and ports.
  • The Wegmat Border Police is responsible for protecting the border and enforcing CCS and ITS policies.