Ministry of Health (Wegmat)

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Ministry of Health
Federal executive ministry overview
JurisdictionWegmat Public Health and Hospitals
HeadquartersWegmat Federal Offices
Two Pine, Wegmat
Annual budget13,000 Gø
Ministers responsible
  • Minister of the Environment, Agriculture and Health, Clayton B.
  • Director of Health, (Vacant)
Key document

The Wegmat Ministry of Health is the health ministry of the Federal Union of Wegmat. It is heavily criticized for being too ambitous for a micronation. The laws governing the ministry and the bureaus within the ministry require programs that impossible with the resources of a micronation. The Federal Healthcare Agency and Federal Ambulance Service only exist on paper.


IX FCW 2.1 outlines the authorities and responsibilities of the ministry as a whole:

  • (1) The Office of the Director of Health is established as the governing body responsible for the development, implementation, and regulation of policies and programs related to public health, health care services, and medical research within the jurisdiction of Wegmat.
  • (2) The Director of Health shall be appointed by the Prime Minister and shall be responsible for overseeing the activities of the ministry, ensuring the delivery of quality health care services to the citizens of Wegmat, and ensuring compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • (3) The Director of Health shall have the power to appoint and dismiss officials and employees of the ministry, and to delegate authority as necessary to effectively carry out the mission of the ministry.
  • (4) The Director of Health shall work closely with other government agencies and stakeholders in the health care industry to develop and implement policies and programs that promote the health and well-being of the citizens of Wegmat.
  • (5) The Office of the Director of Health shall maintain a comprehensive database of health care facilities, health care providers, and medical research institutions operating within the jurisdiction of Wegmat, and shall ensure that all facilities and providers comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • (6) The Office of the Director of Health shall work to ensure that healthcare services are accessible to all citizens of Wegmat, regardless of their economic or social status, and shall take all necessary measures to address any disparities in access to healthcare services.
  • (7) The Director of Health shall be accountable to the Prime Minister and Parliament for the performance of the ministry and shall be required to submit regular reports on the activities and initiatives of the ministry to these bodies.


  • The Federal Public Health Agency is tasked with monitoring infectious diseases and promoting sanitation. It also supervises municipal and provincial sanitation, mitigates disease outbreaks, and looks into ways to prevent outbreaks.
  • The Federal Occupational Health Agency is tasked with making sure all jobs are safe and healthy.
  • The Federal Healthcare Agency is responsible for managing public first aid and minor nursing.
  • The Federal Fire and Rescue Service is the firefighting, mitigation, and prevention agency of Wegmat. It also has the responsibility of rescuing people. All agents of this service are First Aid/CPR certified.
  • The Federal Ambulance Service is the agency responsible for para-first aid. All agents of this service are wilderness first aid certified.
  • The Federal Medical Trainers are responsible for training first aid. All are Red Cross-certified instructors.
  • The Special Containment Protocol Agency is the biohazard and paranormal response agency.