Wegmat Armed Forces

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Military of Wegmat
Seal of the Ministry of Defense
Emblem of the Armed Forces.
Motto“The People's Will as you Can See”
Founded30 November 2018
Service branches3
HeadquartersTwo Pine, Wegmat
PresidentJames Panton
General of the Air CorpXander B.
Admiral of the NavyCole B.
General of the MarinesIan B.
Active personnel10 (ranked 11)
Reserve personnel32
Deployed personnel5
Domestic suppliersLowzboy Industries
Bobby Inc.
Foreign suppliersEvike.com
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The Wegmat Armed Forces or WAF is the Military of the Federal Union of Wegmat.


The WAF was established by the Queen of Ridab to defend the Kingdom of Ridab. The WAF had a mission against squirrels with a victory. The Squirrel Tower Offense made squirrels leave the most hostile territory after 2 deaths caused by the top rank shoulder at the time, Pfeffer. During the Wegmat Renaissance, the headquarters of the WAF moved to Markonton. New Asia United attacked Priory National Park causing the Shoe war.


The Marines are the ground forces of Wegmat. Troops use a standard airsoft Nerf rifles or swords. The marines are the most frequently used branch of the WAF with the most employment. The Marines can be deployed using Air Corp or Navy vessels including by air from a different aircraft. The Wegmat Government is known to have a contract with Southwest Airlines via their frequent flyer program. It is unknown if the contract can be used for the deployment of the Marines.

Air Corp

The Wegmat Air Corp or WAC uses R/C planes filled with weapons. 2 fighter jets which are armed with pen guns and 1 bomber with a can of Waterloo.

Navy and Coast Guard

The Navy and Coast Guard is the naval branch of the Wegmat Armed Forces. This branch has 6 Vessels including 2 coast guard boats and a passenger boat that can be turned into a naval ship if necessary.