Priory National Park

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Public Lands of Wegmat
Priory National Park
Augusta Plaines
Founded4 April 2019
TypeNational park
HeadquartersFrank Loyd Wright Visitor Center
LocationTrel, GL

Priory National Park is a National Park in Priory, Gliffork. Used for baseball and other recreation. The park is made up of the Priory Grasslands. The park has a hill west of the city of Trel, Gliffork. The park was at the center of the Priory Territory Dispute. The park preserves a natural prairie in the northwestern corner. The park has an assortment of maple, sycamore and oak trees along the roads. The park was the first National park founded in Wegmat.

The Frank Loyd Wright Visitor Center is the headquarters for the park and also a program center for youth. The park is administrated both by the Wegmat National Park Agency and River Forest Park District.