Constitution of Wegmat

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Constitution of the
Federal Union of Wegmat
First page of the current Weg Constitution
First page of the current Weg Constitution
Created September 2020 - present
Ratified September 2020
Authors Leon Montan
Signers Cole Baird, Leon Montan

The Constitution of Wegmat is the fundamental law of the Federal Union of Wegmat. The constitution was started in August of 2020 after the 2020 Wegmat Coup

The document covers aspects of Wegmat, including its law, National Symbols and rights of the citizens. The Constitution is the main acting law for the legislative branch of government. The criminal and civil code, rules, regulations, rules for public officials, court procedure, and the basis of the council of state is located in the Federal Codex of Wegmat.

The National District of the Supreme Court of Wegmat enforces the constitution.

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