Wegmat Parliament

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Prime Ministry
Wegmat Grand Parliament
Vincent C.
since 26 November 2020
Prime Minister
Cole B.
since 26 November 2020
Political groups
{{; Wegmat Government
  Founder Party (3)
Wegmat Government
  Natetorian Party (2)
Last election
16 December 2019
Meeting place
Wegmat Capital Building
Two Pine, Wegmat
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Politics and government
of the Federal Union of Wegmat
Foreign relations
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The Wegmat Parliament or Prime Ministry sometimes referred to as Wegmat Parliament or the Grand Parliament of Wegmat is the legislation of the Federal Union of Wegmat. The Prime Ministry was established in the April 4 Acts to vote on legislations for Wegmat.


Wegmat as the Kingdom of Ridab was an Absolute monarchy and had almost no Democracy. The April 4 Acts established the Prime Ministry. The Ministry has written 17 Acts since it’s founding.


The Prime Minister is the Minister of the Parliament the Prime Minister can write acts. Any parliament member can propose an act that would be placed onto effect bh federal law upon a majority voting for the act.

Meeting Place

Parliament used to meet in the Wegmat Capital Building, the Parliament Member’s School Cafeteria or most commonly the Wegmat Parliament Group Text Message. The chat has gone through many names such as Wegmat Parliament Group Chat, Danger Zone, group of idiots who think they have their own country, Chat of Cole, Chat of Bobby, Cum Fandom, and Group of Middle School Children Listening to a Mentally Disturbed LGBT Child.

After the Wegmat 2020 General Election parliament now meets on the Weg Discord Server or physically.