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Hydrove Flag.jpegGlifforkseal2.jpeg

Province in the Federal Union of Wegmat
CapitalLa Bamboise
Founded15 December 2020
Area70 Acres
GovernmentLocal Government of Thatcher
GovernorMr. Beef

Hydrove is a province in the Federal Union of Wegmat. Hydrove is a In-Province meaning it is in the general area of Two Pine. Hydrove became a Province as protest to a new bridge being built across the Des Plaines River


Hydrove is located on the Hydrove Gap an often flooded area along the Des Plaines River. Hydrove only borders 2 other provinces Hilda to the south and Golfia to the north. All other borders are of the USA. Past Hydrove’s capital, La Bamboise is Legion National Forest which is an elevated part of Hydrove. It is where the highest point in the province is. Hydrove’s land is almost all owned by the Federal Government as they are multiple National Grasslands and much of the Hydrove Gap’s space is taken up by Wegmat Route 10.

La Bamboise from the edge of Legion National Forest.



90 percent of the Hydrove population is deer which makes the common culture hunter-gather like meaning deer go in and out of areas for food. Therefore a distinct culture hasn’t developed.


Agriculture and Tourism makes up all the economy.