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Province of Hydrove
Flag of Hydrove
Coat of arms of Hydrove
   Hydrove in    Wegmat
Country Wegmat
Established1 July 2020
CapitalLa Bamboise
 • TypeFederated republic
 • GovernorMr. Beef (DP)
 • Total8 population as of 2,022
 • Rank1st
Postal Abbreviation
Official language(s)English
Area95 Acres
LegislatureHydrove Congress
WebsiteProvince Page

Hydrove is a province in the Federal Union of Wegmat. Hydrove is an In-Province meaning it is in the general area of Two Pine. Hydrove became a Province as a protest to road expansion on Grand Avenue, leading to tree removal, higher traffic, and more pollution.


Hydrove stems from combining the term Hydro for water and Grove for forest. Most of the province lies on the Hydrove Gap, a floodplain.


The province was established on 1 July 2020 by the Manifest Wegstany Act in the Kingdom of Wegmat era. The province had been explored and settled by Wegs making it a province immediately. La Bamboise was chosen as the capital and the Hydrove Congress was seated there. The Wegmat Marines established Fort Bamboi just north of La Bamboise. During the early era of the province, some built homesteads directly in the province, however, due to the geographic nature of the province many wanted to move to the large unexplored Belmont and Schiller territories. The Grand Avenue bridge was under construction during this era causing a detour to go around the Legion forest. This led to the growth of the area around Fort Bamboi. A group of homesteads along the Canadian Pacific railroad commissioned Hydrove to be incorporated as the Town of Canpac Depot. When the Kingdom of Wegmat was disestablished and turned into a federal republic Hydrove had a leftist shift. Hydrove would face stagnation during the winter of 2020 and 2021. In the spring months during the Great Des Plaines Valley War, the province grew further as more and more citizens joined Wegmat due to interest in the war. The province would still be considered a flyover province. The third and last incorporated place would be founded as the City of Green Lake after a group of homesteaders agreed to form a city around the interesting lake. Hydrove is a central province and integral to transportation along the River Trail and River itself. As maritime trade grew in Wegmat the La Bamboise portage would become an important form of income for the province as boat crews would stop at nearby Gene & Jude's in the United States for a break.


Hydrove borders the province of Hilda in the southeast corner of the province. In the north, it borders the Golfia Autonomous Province. On the west it borders an unorganized territory of the Weimar Confederation and on the east the State of Illinois in the United States. From La Bamboise to Green Lake the entire province lies on the Hydrove Gap. North of La Bamboise is the Legion Forest, a forest elevated from the floodplain. There are only three municipalities in the province: La Bamboise, Green Lake and Canpac Depot. the majority of the province is relatively unbuilt due to the common occurrence of floods.

Economy and Culture

The economy of Hydrove is driven by the coming and going of bicyclists, hikers, and Rivermen. Services are catered specifically for them. The largest company in the province is Legname di Wegmat which is a nationwide company headquartered in La Bamboise due to its central location. The majority of Hydrove's land is infertile due to frequent flooding making agriculture impossible. Despite this gardens have sprung up in the Schelten National Grassland. The culture of Hydrove is centered around baseball since Hydrove has 2 baseball fields that are used by local recreational sports teams in the United States.

Law and politics

Hydrove is a politically mixed province often splitting votes between Founders Party and Deer Party as well as some influence from the Apple Party.

Provincial government

The Provincial Government of Hydrove is smaller than most. The Hydrove Congress consists of 3 districts: 1 District representing the Legion Forest, one representing La Bamboise, and one representing everything south. Hydrove has one court located in La Bamboise. The Govenor managed 3 other offices, Treasurer, Attorney General, and the Infrastructure Monitor.


Due to the relatively small population of Hydrove the infrastructure of the province is smaller. The Infrastructure Monitor makes sure streets, water, and the La Bamboise portage are all maintained.