Manifest Wegstany Act

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Mainifest Wegstany Act
Weg Environment Conservation Expansion Act
Considered byWegmat Grand Parliament
Legislative history
Introduced byCole Baird
First reading20 June 2020
Status: Unknown
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Politics and government
of the Federal Union of Wegmat
Foreign relations
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The Weg Environment Conservation Expansion Act or unofficially the Manifest Wegstany Act is an act that was passed for the Kingdom of Wegmat in response to trees being removed for road construction.

Section I

Section I was written by Cole Baird and the act would create the province of Hydrove and the territories of the Belmont Territory and the Schiller Territory. All deer, foxes and beavers counted were admitted as citizens.

Section II

Section II was also written by Cole Baird and was to plan ahead for new territories although these territories weren’t named or outlined it established a capital for each future territory. The act established the cities of La Bamboise, Boundary City, Cape Chad, Manny Falls, Lost Lake City, Weg Chicago and Robinson. Some cities were renamed, moved and renamed (in the case of Manny Falls) or a new capital was created.


Wegmat’s population raised to 167 and Wegmat grew 5 times as big. The construction costed the government around 10,000 GØ (100 USD). New Human citizens joined Wegmat to.