Drystone Geode Rush

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The Drystone Geode Rush was part after Manifest Wegstany when several people from developed cities in the south went north to the territory of Drystone in search of geodes. It was considered a violent time as people fought over the materials. 3 prominent organizations were founded, the Drystone Material Corporation, the Territorial Wegmat Company, and the Brook Gang. The Brook Gang was a criminal organization that attempted to steal geodes and sell them at Crystal Springs Geode Exchange in Irving. The Schiller Sherrif, which was the Weg Law Enforcement Agency tasked with enforcing laws in the territories was overwhelmed with this crime wave. This led up to the Interior Shootout which caused the downfall of all 3 organizations in the geode trade. The Brook Gang attempted to intercept a La Bamboise Northern train with the CEO of the Drystone Material Corporation bound to Paradise City. However, the Geode Trade Union which was fighting both companies for employee ownership was planning the same. With only one Sherrif escorting the train there was no Weg law enforcement to stop the fight. The Geode Union won in the shootout after the Brook Gang stole the cargo. The Drystone Material Corporation and the Territorial Wegmat Company surrendered to the union and merged into the present-day National Geode Hunt Co-op. The Schiller Sherrif was dissolved and formed the Wegmat Ranger Service when Wegmat was gaining more control over the frontier. The Wegmat Special Police and Investigation apprehended and ended the Brook Gang in late summer 2021.

The Drystone Geode Rush slowed down after the breakout of the Great Des Plaines Valley War. The Rush ended when Drystone became a province.