Expeditions of Wegmat

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Wegmat Marines on the Jungle Expedition

The Federal Union of Wegmat has been on a variety of expeditions to be more knowledgable of land in Wegmat or the Unclaimed Zone. The Geography Studies Agency or the Wegmat Armed Forces usually conducts these expeditions. Citizens may also be the first to research an area or declare an Unclaimed Zone, although this is rare.

Name Location Agency Month
Colonial Research Expedition Southern Essef Unknown April 2019
New Territorial unit Essef and Hilda Wegmat Marines October 2019
Hilda Keys Research Bay of Trees Geography Studies Agency January 2020
Area of Interest Expedition Unclaimed Zone, now Hydrove, Golfia and Whynofly Geography Studies Agency June 2020
Annexation Survey Schiller Territory and Belmont Territory Wegmat Marines July 2020
Grand Wegmat Expedition American West Geography Studies Agency July 2020
Northeast Survey Northeastern Wegmat Geography Studies Agency August 2020
Des Plaines North Chaveleir Union, Unclaimed Zone in Des Plaines, Illinois Wegmat Navy August 2020
Altenheim Expedition Former Unclaimed Zone of the Altenheim Zite and Bushwood Wegmat Marines April 2021
Gecebition Annexation of Gecland Wegmat Marines May 2021
New Mexico and Philmont Invasion Survey Philmont and Colfax County, New Mexico Wegmat Marines July–August 2021
Wegmat's Jungle Madison Wegmat Marines September 2021
Cenwister Survey Cenwister Wegmat Marines November 2021
Northerly Island Survey Declaration of an Unlcaimed Zone on Northerly Island Non-government Recreational Society of Wegmat May 2022