Altenheimer Incident

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Altenheimer Incident
Part of Great Des Plaines Valley War
The abandoned Altenheim Building, location of the incident.
Date10 April 2021
Result United States victory
United-states-of-america-flag-small.png United States Border Wegmat
Commanders and leaders
United-states-of-america-flag-small.png Rory Hoskins Flag of the Federal Union of Wegmat.svg Cole Baird
Units involved
Forest Park Police Department WAF2.jpeg Wegmat Armed Forces
 • 1st Expedition Regiment
1 Police Officer 2 explorers
Casualties and losses
None 2 explorers captured

The Altenheimer Incident was a military incident where the Wegmat Prime Minister and another explorer of the 3rd Infantry Division were detained by the Forest Park Police Department.


An idea of exploring an abandoned part of the famed Altenheim German Old People’s Home was brought up to the 1st Expedition Regiment. Cole Baird, the Prime Minister of Wegmat was planning to attend. An expedition was planned to have 2 other explorers however due to the rain on the day of the expedition only the Prime Minister and a Second Class Officer attended.



The expedition team illegally entered the grounds of the abandoned church and nursing home. The team entered the basement of the church. There was no way to the worship center or other areas besides climbing a pipe. The Prime Minister was unable to do so due to their shoes. The team moved over to the West end of the nursing home and found a missing quarter panel where they entered. It was the only entrance and exit.

The team explored the 1st, 3rd and 4th floors of the abandoned part of the building. They did not explore the 2nd due to asbestos contamination.

Encounter with police

The explorers exited the building and exactly outside of the exit there was a police car. The Prime Minister exited the building and the police officer exited his car. The cop ordered the team to get on the other side of the fence and asked for the teams information. The team was instructed to enter the back of the police car, they were being detained. After 10 minutes the Prime Minister was evacuated to Two Pine by the 101st Armored Division. The other explorer was evacuated to Bobbygrad.


Due to both explorers being minors they only received warnings for trespassing by the FPPD. The Super Governmental Court of Wegmat found Cole guilty of trespassing international property and defaming the Wegmat Government. He was sentenced to a week without travel or communication and 4 months without pay.