High North Front

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Operation To Have and Have Not
Part of the Great Des Plaines Valley War
Date28 May 2021 - 31 may 2021
Result Weimar victory

New German Flag.jpg New Germany

Diplomatic support

Flag of Rodentia.svg Rodentia
ULF.jpeg United Labour Front
Commanders and leaders

New German Flag.jpg Vladimir Baruh

Flag of Rodentia.svg Edward Oaches
ULF.jpeg Harlem Cortland
Units involved
2nd Army Group "Nordland".jpg Weimar 2nd Army "Nordland" Unorganized Militia
5 Infantry
1 armored vehicle
2 Infantry

Operation To Have and Have Not is the Operation to re-annex the former New German territory of New German Forests


One of the terms of the reunification of the Empire of New Germany and Wegmat was the lose of it's territory. When the Democratic New German Republic took power it was the main goal of New Germany to reclaim former territories. On 5 March 2021 Vladimir Baruh Re-annexed former territory.

Time Line

Day 1

Weimar forces arrived to the province, day one was mostly spent setting up the Forward Operating base. A few patrols into the marshes near the sight were launched however they were short lived due to machine gun fire and enemy aircraft (no evidence currently exist to back this claim but Weimar troops were still told to be cautious) and after 8PM all operations stoped.

Day 2

Day 2 was met with the same out come as the day prior but this time patrols went deeper into the woods near a dock on Turner lake. The patrols linked up with intelligence officers on the dock and went to secure the entrance of the area the FOB was. A short lived battle between ULF and Weimar troops took place, the ULF was chased into a swamp and disappeared on the primary highway HH-1.

Day 3

On the 3rd patrols of the western boarders were launched. It was suspected that ULF troops went through the marsh to a mountain range near the border. This was investigated by Sergeant 3rd class Ashland Park who along with a intelligence officer and a few men march through the marsh and on the mountain range. A short battle ensued as the ULF retreated either over the border or north deeper into the province. Later the company patroled HR-1 having fought the ULF on top of MT. McMann. They retreated down the south sid of the mountain were they were cut of from the border and arrested. After this HR-2 was patrolled and ULF scrambled to make a defense that was swiftly shattered because of the number of Weimar troops in the area.

Day 4

Because of low moral on the side of the ULF at 8:30 Harlem Cortland ordered the surrender of all ULF forces in the province as he fled to the United States. A small pocket of fighting near the FOB was done but the numbers did stick out and there were arrested.

Current Situation

No battles have occurred however a invasion has been planned for memorial day weekend. However due to the front nearer to the capital Bobbygrad, Vladimir Baruh has been more focused on fronts nearer to home. The Campaign has concluded however it mostly has had no effect on the war near home other than a boost in moral for Weimar.