Hilda and Essef Front

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Hilda and Essef Front
Part of Great Des Plaines Valley War
Hilda and essef front G.jpg
Weg forces plan a counter attack during the invasion of Hillda and Essef
Date6th March2021 - Present
Weg province of Hilda and Rodentian province of North Lincoln
Result Ongoing
Flag of Rodentia.svg Rodentia
New Germany flag.svg Democratic Weimar Republic
 • Border Sakaki clan
Flag of the Kingdom of Wegmat.svg Wegmat
Flag of Macedonia.png New Macedonia
Commanders and leaders
Flag of Rodentia.svg Edward Oaches
Flag of Rodentia.svg Braddock Charleston
New Germany flag.svg Vladimir Baruh
 • Border Sacaiv
 • BorderCommander Erwin
Flag of the Kingdom of Wegmat.svg Cole Baird
Flag of the Kingdom of Wegmat.svg Dan Smith
Flag of the Kingdom of Wegmat.svg Xander B.
Units involved
Flag of the first army group .jpg New German 1st Army "Hessnia"
Rodentian Military Seal.jpg Army Group B
Wegmat Marines.jpeg 1st Army
Wegmatflag.jpeg Naval Task Force 3
Wegmat air corp.jpg 2nd Tactical Air Combat Regiment
6 Infantry
1 Tank
4 Infantry
2 ships
2 aircraft

The Hilda and Essef Front is a campaign along the Weg-Rodentian border during the Great Des Plaines Valley War. It is the most active front of the War due to Hilda and Essef being cultural and industrial centers of Wegmat. If Urraca Pact forces could capture the area Wegmat would likley lose the War from a large hit on morale and industry.


As far back as the Weg-New German War Weimar officials and citizens have wanted push for Weimar occupation of Essef and Hilda however no real attempt has been made since the end of hostilities in April of 2020. Rodentia borders Hilda and Essef along the Des Plaines river with multiple crossing ways to enter either very easily. If a war between Wegmat and Rodentia would happen it's no wonder why it was invaded.


Invasion of Northern Hilda

The next day Rodentia formally declared war on Wegmat and invaded the Isadora area in Hilda. Alley forces were stationed at the bottom of a railroad that Rodentia used for their invasions. The Alley forces opened fire and Rodentia retreated. Police from the United States were dispatched to the loaction which caused all the forces to retreat.

Invasion of Southern Hillda and Essef

On 29 April 2021 a New German, now Weimar and Rodentian force including the 2nd Observation Regiment and 1st Imperial Infantry were sent to capture the surrounding area of Rainbow bridge. A small Wegmat force apposed New German entry of Hilda however were repelled due to being out numbered. This is the first time since march a attempt to invade Hilda and Essef. The Wegmat President Vincent C. was present for a speech about the drug epidemic in America. He was evacuated when Weimar Soldiers crossed the border.


On 5 May Lieutenant Dan Smith of the Wegmat Marines led a counter-offensive and liberation of captures areas in southern Hilda. The Wegmat Marines sent calvary down the railroad tracks towards Little Warsaw. At 4:30 Weg calvary crossed Rainbow Bridge into Rodentia. A reconnaissance mission into Rodentia earlier in the day cleared the invasion and reported little defense across the border.

The Calvary regiments reached the Rodentian city of True Rainbow and went into the urban core. At the center of the city was a heavily defended fort that was the headquarters of the 4th Army Corps of Rodentia. Much of the officers and soldiers were not present, a battle erupted as Weg forces attempted to capture the fort which overlooked much of the city. Fort Bat-a-ball was captured by Weg forces and a flag was raised. The Urraca Pact no longer controls the city of True Rainbow or much of the provinces of South and North Lincoln. The Army Corp’s headquarters has been moved south of the Lincoln River, Rodentia and Weimar forces hold the Lincoln Plaines directly south of Rainbow Bridge.

Further Advancement of the Hilda Essef Front

Dan Smith, now promoted to Commander led another invasion to advance the Hilda and Essef Front. The main goal of this invasion was to liberate Rodentian labor camps. The regiment broke off of the frontline and charged at enemy lines. This forced Rodentian and Weimar forces to fall back to the other defenses near the labor camps. The current “laborers” in the complex were forced to evacuate. Weg Intelligence suggests that those who were employed in Northern Lincoln Province were conscripted in the Rodentian Imperial Army.

Urraca Pact forces failed to hold the front line and were pushed to North Avenue.

The Bobbygrad Conference

On May 23rd Wegmat General Landis Y. and Weimar Marshal Clinton Greenfield who was accompanied by Sakaive the leader of the sakaki clan met in Bobbygrad to push for a peaceful resolution of the conflict. However instead it was agreed to have less fighting on the Hilda and Essef Front and the handing over of Priory to Weimar along with a few mostly ceremonial conditions. As of May 23rd it was claimed that no Wegmat territory are occupied however small pockets in Hilda are currently holding out around the province.