New German 1st Army "Hessnia"

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1st Weimar Army group "Hesshnia"
Standard of the division
CountryDemocratic Weimar Republic
Allegiance Chancellor Vladimir Baruh
BranchNew German Heer
TypePrimary Army group
Rolesee divisions for specific roles
Part ofStandard heer command structure
Motto(s)Not one step back, for Father Weimar and our children.
Mascot(s)The Province of Hesshnia
EquipmentStandard issue
EngagementsGreat Des Plaines Valley War
Senior field marshalChancellor Vladimir Baruh
Current commanderColonel sakaiave
New German totenkofs(deaths head) vehicle symbol.thumb.png
Heer vehicle symbolthumb.png

The 1st Army Group "Hesshnia" was created to help Vladimir Baruh manage his army easier wile also allowing for unit mapping and maintaining much easier. This is usually done only in war time.

1st Panzer Division

Weimar's only armored division that has 1 Tank, 1 Troop Transport Vehicle, and 3 scout vehicles. It was created in January 2020 during the Weg-New German War. It was almost abolished and replaced with a infantry division due to lack of funding and Need, however because of the Great Des Plaines Valley War it was saved. this unit is currently deployed in the United Salado. the only unit deployed is the logistic corp. they are deployed and use Weg laborers to dig trenches and built fortification.

1st Panzergrenider Division

created on March 1st 2023 for the expansion plans of Weimar. it is currently deployed in the Rainbowlands and is engaged in combat with local forces.

2nd Panzergrenider Division

The biggest, oldest, and in the opinion of Vladimir Baruh the best unit in the Weimar arsenal. It has tested it's sturdiness ever since January 13, 2020. It had many attempts at reform however nothing substantial has happened in it's existence. the second Panzergrenider Division is currently deployed in Levare as tensions rose because of the Bushwood Blockade.

3rd Infantry Division

Made up of solely non-Weimar native troops mostly the Sakaki people. It is the newest unit added and has not seen combat.

Air Corp elements

The only devoted air corp elements is the 2nd Observation Regiment conducting scouting operations in area's not treaded for supply routes.

Navy Elements

No Navel elements are currently attached to this Army group.


This army group was formed on May 10, 2021, and it has not seen much combat however the units involved have.