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Kingdom of Levare
New Prussia, Levare
Flag of Levare
Coat of arms of Levare
Coat of arms
Motto: "In Truest Fest"
Anthem: Lebenhyme
and largest city
Other languagesEnglish
Central Bavarian
GovernmentKingdom under Confederal Semi-constitutional monarchy
• Kaiser
Vladimir Baruh
Vladimir Baruh
Independent from the America
• Kingdom of Wegmat Frontier
November 2019
• Empire of New Germany
13th January 2020
• Federal Union of Wegmat
April 2020
• Kingdom of Levare
7 February 2022
• Total
0.66 km2 (0.25 sq mi)
• Estimate
CurrencyNew Marks, United States dollar
Time zoneCST

Levare, officially referred to as New Prussia is a kingdom in the Grand Dutchie of Weimar and a former province of Wegmat. It is most well known for Devils Pass which is the 3rd tallest mountain in New germany and summer homes in Sycamore (Ostwald). The province is governed by the King of Levare which only governs one province.

When the province was given back to Wegmat some names were changed to their original names such as Deer Town being changes to Sycamore and Ostwald being combined with Sycamore. Bucky memorial port/naval base became the name of a port and the city became Smoke Park. when New Germany got it back, it fell to the waist side but in February 2022, Vladimir Baruh made it into a Kingdom and renamed Smoke Park to Bucky memorial port/naval base.


the Levare Army Corp has 1 Train and Telegraph division that can fight on the kings orders without the approval of the Grand Dutchie of Weimar government. However the Levare Army Corp must fight when the government of New Germany calls upon it. it has three regiments: the Infantry, Messenger korp, and the Railway regiment. these are also known as the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd regiment respectively. the highest rank in the Levare Army Corp is a colonel as the LAC is a Division in the New German Heer.


Levare is a Former province of Wegmat and New Germany both nations did very little with it and it was mostly a uninhabited waste land. In later 2021 Wegmat made plans for it but they were cut short because of the Great Des Plaines Valley War. During the war New German Navel Infantry landed at Rivira were a stalemate was entered until Wegmat handed it over to New Germany as a condition for them leaving the War. During the Midlothian War New German/Kapresh forces invaded Madison on the current day LR-1. Weimar Plans on building more and improving on existing Roads as Wegmat left Levare in a state of Shambles.


in Levare ther are three major regions New German Essef the Northern region that is a former part of the Weg Province Essef, Levare Proper which is the original part of Levare, and New German Madison which is the southern most part of Levare this was the former province Weg of Madison. there is a mostly forested hills and flood plains in Levare which makes for an Ideal area for Biking, skiing, and sledding.

Flag Name Capital Population Incorporated
New German Essef Kiser 1 February 7, 2022
Levare Proper Ostwald 1  • November 2019 Wegmat

 • February 7, 2022 Grand Dutchie

New German Madison Jefferson 1 February 7, 2022