Kingdom of Sycamore

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Kingdom of Sycamore

FlagCoat of Arms

Built with trust (Byggd med förtroende)
[Sycamore is our home.]
Sycamorean Territory in the Oceania. This is also the Sycamorean mainland. (34,958 km²) Blueissycamore.png
Bordered with Arkovia and Australia.
Capital city Portsville
Official language(s) English
Short name Sycamore
Demonym Sycamorean
Government Constitutional monarchy
HM King Daniel I 2018-
Legislature Parliament
Established 25 May 2018
Population 300-400 Counted through files and immigration emails.
National sport Field Hockey
National dish Lasagne
National animal Thoroughbred Horse On our website, you can view our latest news headlines and more.)

Sycamore, officially the Kingdom of Sycamore, is a country located located in Oceania, although there are a few territories here and there around every continent of the world. The country is known for their unique land territory and the way that the country is run. The country is also known for their growth in their population. Sycamore has a rising number of citizens through digital passports. The country uses Australian Dollar, Pound Sterling and Sycamorean Pound. It is a country recognized by a large number of micronations as well. The current leader of the nation is His Majesty, King Daniel I of Sycamore. Josiah Suwono is the Prime Minister. He has been in office since 25 July 2018. The Kingdom of Sycamore's mainland is bordered beetween Arkovia and Australia. The mainland has coastal access and good weather for habilitation. There are only about 40 inhabitants actually living in the mainland region. The rest are living in overseas Sycamorean territories. Sycamore is also known as a country that barely discriminates anyone. People in Sycamore are treated equally no matter what race, gender, nationality, age and more. The country aims to be one of the most safest and most livable country in the world. Sycamore also has a stable Economy. The country majorly relies off of tourism income and funding from people interested in the country and wanting to see it develop even more than it has at this moment of time. Sycamore is also known as a safe-haven for micronations. The country likes to remain at peace with everyone and also doesn't discriminate other races, nationalities, genders, etc. This removal of discrimination helps the country a lot and it also allows people to be treated equally. The country both identifies to be a secession movement and a micronation. Also known as a self-declared sovereign state.

Sycamorean Armed Forces

The Sycamorean Armed Forces are ran by the Minister of Defense, Sam Jung and the O-10 General of the Sycamorean Armed Forces, M.R Magrath. The Armed Forces are also the country's first line of defense for Government officials and Royals. Also for the country itself and the people living in the country. The Sycamorean Armed Forces are provided by the Sycamorean Government. It was fully established when the country was founded on the 25th May 2018.

Armed Forces Flag:

Sycamorean Armed Forces

Daniel I of Sycamore

Daniel I of Sycamore is the current ruling Monarch of Sycamore. He is the first monarch and has been ruling since the 25th of May 2018. He is the founder of the Kingdom of Sycamore.

Coat of Arms

Prime Minister

The current Prime Minister in office is Josiah Suwono. He has been in office since 25th of July 2018. Josiah Suwono has already done a lot of work on the country and is currently improving every Sycamorean's experience in the country.


If you'd like to contact the micronation or request Citizenship, please use the following. Although, for the fastest response, please use the Citizenship application or the Contact page on the Sycamorean Government website of which is also shown below.



Sycamore has a stable government with a professional cabinet at this point of time. There are multiple positions still available, although most have been taken recently by some people. The Sycamorean Government aims to make the country a better place with safety, education, transport, livability and all sorts of other things here and there.


Logo of the Sycamorean Government.

The current Prime Minister in the Sycamorean Government is Mr. Josiah Suwono. Josiah Suwono has been in office since 25th of July 2018. Josiah Suwono has already done a lot of work on the country and is currently improving every Sycamorean's experience in the country.

Sycamore is a consitutional monarchy based off the British system.


  • Please note that having a Sycamorean passport will not give you access to any land in any part of the world including Oceania. It will not remove any macronational passports that you hold.
  • For more information on a Sycamorean Passport, please visit the Passport page.
  • There are currently 200-400 Citizens of Sycamore. About 100 of them are living on Sycamorean territory at this moment. The reason of the large amount of Citizens for a young micronation is because of the Sycamorean Government using online paid advertisements. There was a lot spent on the first day of the founding of Sycamore towards advertisements.

Sycamorean Passport Cover
Sycamorean Passport Cover

Sycamorean Identification


The currency of Sycamore is managed by the Ministry of Finance.

The Kingdom of Sycamore does have it's own national currency, although the Kingdom of Sycamore also uses the Australian Dollar and Pound Sterling. This is because of the value of the currency and the amount of Citizen's living in the many territories of the Kingdom of Sycamore. It is a bit similar to France's territory in a way.

If you'd like more information on the Sycamorean pound, please click here: Sycamorean Pound (SMP).


The mainland of the Kingdom of Sycamore is located between Arkovia and Australia. The country's mainland has over 34,000km2 land with a population of around 40. Sycamore is in attempt to build a coastal city just a few miles from the border between Arkovia and Sycamore on the mainland and is currently in the planning of doing so. This project will cost a lot of money. Although Sycamore's mainland is at around 40 inhabitants, the country does have 101 inhabitants overall on small territories here and there around the world. A bit similar to France. The Sycamorean Government is working hard on getting some people to inhabit the Biscoe and Pitt Islands of Sycamore. The Sycamorean Government also plans to build on the islands after the Antartic Treaty ends in 2048.


Some of the countless plots of the territory of the Kingdom of Sycamore (NOT TO SCALE) (70,000 square meters total) The size of the Sycamorean mainland is 34,958 km²


Mainland territory of Sycamore. It only has arouund 40 inhabitants and is over 34,000km2.


The Kingdom of Sycamore operates a broadcasting centre. The broadcasting centre is named the Sycamorean Broadcasting Centre (SBC) To view the latest news on the Kingdom of Sycamore, please visit the governmental website.

Sycamorean Broadcasting Centre logo:

Sycamorean Broadcasting Centre


The Kingdom of Sycamore was founded on the 25th of May by His Majesty, Daniel I of Sycamore. The country immediately blew into popularity with many Citizenship and Residency requests. The first Prime Minister was Jensen Lloyd. After a few days of Jensen Lloyd's term of Prime Minister, he'd decided to resign. After that, a new Prime Minister was appointed. His name is Lord M. Magrath. He remained in office for a few months but has recently been replaced by the countries new Prime Minister, Josiah Suwono. He is the current ruling Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Sycamore. With a bright future ahead of Sycamore, there will be a lot more history.


The capital of the Kingdom of Sycamore is the City of Portsville. The population of the city has about 45 people. The region of the city is in a few small territories bordered with Victoria, Australia, although the majority of the city is along the coast near the Sycamorean-Arkovian border of the large part of the Sycamorean mainland off the continent of Australia. There are only very few buildings of which are only located in the Australian territory part of Sycamore.

Portsville Flag

National Holidays

These are the national holidays of the Kingdom of Sycamore.

Date Name Notes
7 December King's Birthday His Majesty's birthday
1 September National Sport Day A day of sport.
31 December New Years Eve The Eve before a new year.
1 January New Years Day The start of a New Year.
25 May Sycamore Day The day Sycamore was founded.

Foreign relations

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Formal recognition

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