New German-Salado War

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New German-Salado War
Part of Cicero Spenninger

Levare Sentry repelling Salado soldiers
Date19 March 2023 – 3 April 2023
Result New German Annexation of the United Salado
Confederation of Weimar
 • Levare
United Salado
Commanders and leaders
Vladimir Baruh Marti Marti
10 troops,
1 navel vessel
15 troops,
1 navel vessel

The New German-Salado War was a conflict in the Des Plaines Valley Sector, between United Salado and New Germany.


the campaign began after the fall of the Empire of Rodentia, when New Germany pulled out of the war after being given Levare it was offered a gentleman’s agreement that if it invaded the territories of its former allies that it would gain control of those regions. After the war the Kingdom of Ephraim, the Kingdom of Levare, and the Free Philmont Republic were created. They function as their own state but are still under the umbrella of control from New Germany. In the post war era, a nation called the United Salado was formed and was, for a time, allowed to prosper uninfringed by New German rule. though in 2023 with rising tension in the Des Plaines Valley Sector a easy way to connect all the New German Commonwealths was found to only be possible by invasion into the United Salado.

Initial invasion

New German artilleryman firing a rifle grenade at toward Salado forces

on March 20 Army Group Hessnia started an invasion into the United Salado at dusk. though most of the New German Sturm-Grenztruppe dug in. the Levare Army Corp moved to seize a forward position for the rest of the southern invasion force. while on the bank of the Des Plaines river the Rail corp saw action as 3 Salado militia members attacked a sentry. the sentry called for an artillery strike, this request however was denied. the lone sentry armed with a bolt action rifle and a bayonet then attacked the unprepared Salado militia and drove them deeper into the wood. for his actions he was awarded the Levare cross second class for bravery. in the north a wave of New German Marines from the 1st Guards Marine Division a small fortification was built and no ground has been gained in the north.

Battle of the Long Mile

New German and Levare troops eventually started to push further into Salado territory. the defending Salado militiamen staged an ambush half a mile deep into Salado. seeing this the commander of the invasion ordered the field artillery to begin a bombardment. after 20 minutes some Salado forces escaped to a storm drain however they were also bombed out and they surrendered. the rest fled and fought in the battle of Deer Horn.

Battle of Deer Horn

the entrenched marines were assaulted by a large amount of Salado troops. out numbered, the New German Marines ran out of ammo and atempted to run to the New German lines however on marine was captured by Salado troops an the rest escaped.