New German Rainbowlands

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New German Rainbowlands
Paloma Mad
 • Typemilitary junta under a Confederal Semi Constitutional Monarchy
 • BodyRiechs-Kommandant Ausschuss von Illinois
 • KaiserVladimir Baruh
 • Riechs-Kommandant IllinoisN/A
 • New German Colony1.95 km2 (0.75 sq mi)
 • Water1.9 km2 (0.7 sq mi)
 • Urban
0.05 km2 (0.02 sq mi)
 • New German Colony19
 • Density9.7/km2 (25/sq mi)

The New German Rainbowlands is a colonial claim of the Confederation of Weimar. it is made up of territory of nations who had claims in the Rainbowlands, New German Rainbowlands south of the Lawrance line, the United Salado, and several unincorporated territory north of the Kingdom of Ephraim. it was fully annexed as a colony on 27 April 2023, this spark controversy as many of the nations in the region who would be under New German occupation are Weg allies.


pre war

The Rainbowlands are a series of international territories that were given away by a program of the Des Plaines Union.

An idea to give away a large amount of to ally nations of Wegmat was brought up at a meeting of the Des Plaines Union. The Union agreed to annex an large amount of forest on the west bank of the Des Plaines River. The Wegmat Armed Forces secured the land to be international territory until gifted to the micronational community.

Great Des Plaines Valley War


From top-to-bottom:
1. 2. A soldier of the 2nd Infantry Brigade, part of the 2nd Army of the Revolutionary Army, defending the County of the Rainbowlands.
3. A soldier from the Chaveleir Union assisting in the defense of Aenopian Potawatomi.

On 19 March, Rodentia, alongside the Philmont Confederation, launched an invasion of the Rainbowlands and northern Wegmat, with the goal being to capture the former and to cut off supply routes in the latter. The Rainbowlands front of this campaign is referred to as the "Battle for the Rainbowlands", while the northern front is referred to as the "Battle of the Bay".

Immediately following the battle at Huppert Canyon, the 1st Cavalry Division of Rodentia and the Foreign Legion of Philmont invaded the Rainbowlands, going through the territories of Nichensburg, Saspearian, Tesforia and Paloma before reaching the Lawrence Line, which took roughly 30 minutes; upon reaching the Lawrence Line, Lieutenant General Bull of Philmont was given command of the operation. Following this, the joint force split into two: the 1st Cavalry went northwest through the territories of Begon and Monmark, while the Foreign Legion went through intermicronational territory towards Aenopian Potawatomi.

At the same time, the Chaveleir Union was deploying forces towards the border of Aenopian Potawatomi in order to defend it; following the passing of declarations of war against Philmont and Rodentia by the people of the Chavelier Union, Chavelier troops entered the territory, but were forced to retreat due to heavy fire. Following this, both armies crossed the Des Plaines River in order to invade the County of the Rainbowlands.

Upon entering the county, the joint force was met with heavy resistance; as such the invasion ground to a halt. In order to counter this, Rodentian forces moved south into Chavelier territory in order to encircle the Rainbowlands; however, they were stopped in the Catherine Commune. Following the invasion, Rodentia and Philmont came to an agreement where Philmont would occupy all territories north of the Lawrence Line, while Rodentia would occupy all territories south of it.

the Rainbowlands were liberated soon after the fall of the Uracca Pact. Wegmat began to focus on the reconstruction of the Rainbowlands and itself after the war, including an updated foreign policy.

Post War Era

New German fallschirmjäger in a defensive position during the invasion of the Rainbowlands

after the fall of the Empire of Rodentia, because New Germany pulled out of the war after being given Levare it was offered a gentleman’s agreement that if it invaded the territories of its former allies that it would gain control of those regions. After the war the Kingdom of Ephraim, the Kingdom of Levare, and the Free Philmont Republic were created. They function as their own state but are still under the umbrella of control from New Germany. In the post war era, a weg backed nation called the United Salado was formed and was, for a time, allowed to prosper uninfringed by New German rule. the territory known as the New German Rainbowlands was also being scouted out by the New German Heer and was claimed as a New German unincorporated territory. in November 2021 New German Paratroopers began invading the Rainbowlands in a covert occupation that was largely unnoticed until the The Robinson Conflict.

Robinson Conflict

in the winter of 2022 Vladimir gifted the New German Rainbowlands to Ausveria it was later governed by OGF. it was a Civil conflict between Des Plaines Chapter of the Organization for a Greater Fatherland and the Federal Union of Wegmat. Colonel Ivan von Burghoff, a former New German Officer and veteran of the Great Des Plaines Valley War, mobilized a small group of Ausverian Nationalists assisted by a larger group of New German-Chavaleirs living in Wegmat. The Conflict has heightened tensions between the relatively newer government of the Chaveleir Republic and Federal Union of Wegmat. Mobilizations have begun at the Weg-Chavaleir Border which is under dispute because of the Potawatomi Line, a line where all places north have a high population of New German-Chavaleir of Human Wegs, despite the population of Weg citizens being split between Rainbowlanders and Wegs in the area. it ended in the occupied Rainbowlands being annexed by the Chaveleir Republic due to the OGF de facto dissolution. also the invasion of Wegmat was called off after a cease fire agreement on christmas day.

Executive order 294

on march 23rd 2023 Vladimir Baruh drafted Executive order 294 that stated that all lands with New German feet on it's soil is New German. the order also stated that the United Salado and the Rainbowlands were New German. however a stall in the New German high commands plan came when the New German-Salado War took longer than expected. the current commander of the 2nd Observation Regiment stated that the invasion of Aenopian Potawatomi had already begun with scouting missions and raids. It has also been predicted that unless Wegmat intervenes, Salado will fall by April 2 and Aenopian Potawatomi will fall by the end of April if not sooner.

Salado Invasion

on March 20 Army Group Hessnia started an invasion into the United Salado at dusk. though most of the New German Sturm-Grenztruppe dug in the Rail corp saw action as 3 Salado militia members attacked a sentry who began an artillery strike. the lone sentry armed with a bolt action rifle and a bayonet he attacked the unprepared Salado militia and drove them deeper into the wood. in the north a wave of New German Marines from the 1st Guards Marine Division a small fortification was built and no ground has been gained in the north.


After a disagreement with Aidan McGrath of Paloma on the legality of New German claim in the region,[1] Vladimir Baruh officially created the New German Rainbowlands as an official colony of the New German Colonial Empire.