2nd Observation Regiment

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2nd Observation Regiment
Regimental insignia
Countrythumb.png Empire of New Germany
AllegianceKaiser Vladimir Baruh
BranchNew German Heer
RoleForward reconnaissance
Part ofStanderd Luftwaffe command structure
Motto(s)My honor is loyalty
MarchThe skinhead who never returned
Mascot(s)Chester Cheeto
EquipmentStander issue
EngagementsWeg-Rodentian War
 • Occupation of Bobbygrad
 • Operation to have and have not
 • Operation Beaver Tail
Long Island War
Midlothian War
 • Battle of Jefferson Lake
 • Battle of Bushwood
War on Scientology
Chief field marshalKaiser Vladimir Baruh
Current regimental commanderSteves

The New German Fallschirmjägers formally the New German commandos and formerly in the Army, it had been in existence since about April 2020. It was created originally handled riots, medical personal, and snipers. As of March 1st it moved to being the 2nd observation regiment and handled forward observation and raids on enemy targets.



In early March a special forces was drafted as the Fallschirmjägers however this was scrapped shortly after because it was deemed to "cringe to be in my army." -Vladimir Baruh. Soon after Vladimir made the New German commandos was formed and the training was rigorous and more intense so there were lots of drop outs. This lasted till about November or December 2020.

The Great Cringe

During this time period it had three names, the New German Spetznaz, the New German gebirgsjäger, and the New German Commandos. Vladimir Baruh reportedly not only made these names but also despised them. There's not much during this period other than it having 3 names.


in the opinions of most this saved the regiment it was dubbed the 2nd observation regiment and not much else is known as of current.


From head to toe, the standard helmets are the m38s/m21s or the M1 steal pot helmet, the uniform is a green jacket and khaki service shirt and olive trousers/shorts, the footwear is either Rothco style jungle boots(trousers or shorts) or standard tall boots(trousers). The equipment used is light so they can move quickly, a black belt, a rubber fighting knife w/frog gas mask bag w/mask(m10, GP5, 76M, or Shms) and east German rain drip ammo pouch(gunners only) and for officers it's the same with the inclusion of binoculars, a note pad, and maps.

A New German Fallschirmjäger in the siege of Bobbygrad



The 2nd observation Regiment has it's own ranks however they use the pay grade system like other branches(E1, E2, E3, ect) to help officers keep track of the Regiment.

New German Fallschirmjäger
Hauptmann Oberleutnant Leutnant
New German Fallschirmjäger
Gerfiter Ober Jager Jager Unter Jager


Currently the Department Of Defense wants to refrain from releasing that information to the public until it reaches divisional size.