Operation Beaver Tail

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Operation Beaver Tail
Part of the Great Des Plaines Valley War
New German soldier Advancing .jpg

New German Soldier patrolling the Upper Timmerlands
Date5 March 2021 - present
Result N/A

New German Flag.jpg New Germany

Diplomatic support

Flag of Rodentia.svg Rodentia
ULF.jpeg United Labour Front
Commanders and leaders

New German Flag.jpg Vladimir Baruh

Flag of Rodentia.svg Edward Oaches
ULF.jpeg Harlem Cortland
Units involved
E239B8BA-981A-418E-BC30-9880222B5E88.jpg New German military
 • 1st Panzer Division
 • 2nd Panzergrenadieres
 • 1st Guards Marine Division
 • the New German küstenwache Nordflotte
Layla’s Gun Club Beaver Socialist
9 Infantry
1 armored vehicle
2 Battle Ships
2 Crusers
1 Infantry

Operation Beaver Tail is the Operation that would legitimize New German re-annexation of there Beaver Island claims.


One of the terms of the reunification of the Empire of New Germany and Wegmat was the lose of it's territory. When the Democratic New German Republic took power it was the main goal of New Germany t o re-claim former territories. On march 5th Vladimir Baruh Re-annexed former territory.

Time line

Current Situation

No Battles have occurred however no major commitment has been put to re claim the area because of the Weg-Rodentian War and the distance.