2nd Panzergrenadieres

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2nd Imperial Panzergrenider division
Parade flag of the division
Countrythumb.png Empire of new Germany
AllegianceKaiser Vladimir Baruh
BranchNew German Heer
TypeLight infantry
RolePrimary infantry, scouting, construction
Part ofStandard heer command structure
Nickname(s)"Kaiser's first"
PatronSt. Michel
Motto(s)"Same shit(or crap) different day"
MarchFarewell of Salvianka
Mascot(s)German shepherds
EquipmentStandard issue
EngagementsWeg-New German War
Great Des Plaines Valley War
Chief field marshalKaiser Vladimir Baruh
Current divisional commanderColonel sakaiave
Captain steve
New German totenkofs(deaths head) vehicle symbol.thumb.png
Heer vehicle symbolthumb.png

The 2nd Imperial Panzergrenider Division is the largest division in the heer and has the most fire power as well. It is apart of the New German military.


The 2nd Panzergrenider was formed on January 13, 2020. It took part in the 1st invasion of priory. They are used as a spear head into operations because of the weapons at the disposal. The equipment usually consists of web gear, Airsoft guns, and uniforms. Left Left is enlisted men and NCO'S, 2nd to the left is officers, 2nd to the right is senior officers and general staff, and farthest right is winter uniform.


1st motorized infantry regiment


The most used regiment in the heer and by far the most decorated because most vets of Weg war 1. They are praised by commanders for there dedication to the Heer. This regiment is stationed in Bobbygrad.

2nd support infantry regiment


This regiment is stationed in the Ilaney area and works on defenses and just house work for ilany.

3rd Pioneers


This regiment is used during construction operations.

4th Death Korp regiment


The smallest regiment because of there strict dress code, though it is mostly the same infantry training. The also took place in the 1st day of operation dummy thicc.

1= enlistedmen 2=officers 3= general staff
1= enlistedmen 2=officers 3= general staff

Iron Cross recipients

  • Vladimir Baruh - 1st class
  • sakaiava - 1st class
  • Steve - 2nd class, 1st class
  • Noah - 2nd class