Federal Weimar Agency of Health

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New German Health Agency
Agency overview
JurisdictionNew German Public Health and Hospitals
HeadquartersNew German Government Agencies
Bobbygrad, New Germany
Annual budget1,000 New Makes,
Minister responsible
  • president, Charlie H

The New German Health Agency runs the hospitals, pharmacies, and medical research. It is a somewhat under funded but that may change as the war with Wegmat ends.



All medics or corpmen in the New German Armed forces are trained by medical personnel of the Agency. All medical personnel(Medics, Doctors, Dentists, ect.) are protected by the Treaty of Geneva which states: "All personnel preforming non-combat related duties cannot be shot for any reason unless they fire a weapon at or toward enemy combatants."

Civil Defense/First responders

The Army runs the job of policing however if a natural disaster or accident occurs in New Germany the Agency will send relief workers to help. These are considered civilians and are not trained in combat skills.


The New German Health Agency runs all other health and safety jobs in New Germany.