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Riechs-Kommandant of the
Confederation of Weimar
Steves (Illinois)
Benny A. (Wisconsin)
Styleherr Kommandant
ResidenceKommandant office
Term lengthindeterminate
Formation1 March 2023
SalaryNone claimed

the Riechs-Kommandant is a appointed office by the Riechs-Kommandant Ausschuss von Reich, a sub committee of the New German Senate. there are two grades of Riechs-Kommandant; the Ober Riechs-Kommandant and the Riechs-Kommandant. the Ober Riechs-Kommandant is the director of all colonies and oversees the other Riechs-Kommandant. they are also the sub committee representative in the senate. the Riechs-Kommandant are the 4 other committee members who are appointed by the Ober Riechs-Kommandant. the run their respective US state's colonies. the New German Colonial Empire spans over 4 of the major Midwestern United States; Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin, and each Riechs-Kommandant has to be born in their respective state. the number of Riechs-Kommandant depends on the number of US states in the New German Colonial Empire.