Military of the Confederation of Weimar

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Military of New Germany
Motto“When in doubt, fix bayonets!"
FoundedJanuary 13, 2020
Service branches3
HeadquartersBobbygrad, Empire of New Germany
Air arm flying hours07:00 - 19:00
Chief Field MarshallVladimir Baruh
Senior AdmiralNate M.
Senior Field MarshalRaph Baruh
Military age4 months
Available for
military service
9 months active, 12 months reserve, age 9 - 50
Active personnel10 (ranked 20)
Reserve personnel5
Deployed personnel0
Budget10,000 New German marks
Domestic suppliersBobby Inc., army surplus store

The military of New Germany is the national military of the Empire of New Germany. It consists of 2 branches: the Heer and the Kriegsmarine, as well as a proposed air force. It is the only branch of the New German Defense Agency.


Service in the New German military is voluntary (meaning it is a volunteer army). But service is quite long totaling 21 months. Nine month actively serving in one branch(Heer, kriegsmarine, or Luftwaffe) for the entire time. Then serve 12 months in reserve, in the same branch or a different branch. You must serve 3 Saturdays per month and become active if a war or border dispute happens. If your half way through service and a war happens the rest of your service time is cut in half(3 months = 4.5 months, 6 months = 3 months, ect.).


The Heer or Army is the main fighting force for the new german military. The have 1 m-14 spring powered airsoft gun, 2 ar-15 airsoft guns, 1 mp-40 airsoft gun, 1 airsoft revolver, 2 airsoft m4s, and 1 glock 17. There is also a tank. The tasks usually cared out are stander and mostly everything from peace keeping missions to attacks to building bridges. Currently they are deployed in priory to take it under New German control. There is currently a operation going on after the war between the Empire of New Germany and Wegmat and it's allys. It is being launched on 13-2-2020 and will be de classified at the end of the war.

Senior Field Marshal

This rank is the highest rank a soldier could acquire without the Kiaser abdicating. It is elected by the New German Defense Agence, said person who is elected runs the Heer and can choose the field Marshal to co-run the show(it's like being a Vice President). After 5 months there track record is reviewed and if it's acceptable they can run for re-election, if they don't a new candidate is chosen and in 5 months the process repeats.


The Kriegsmarine or Navy has the lowest amount of people in it. It has 6 ships 5 are in the Northern Territory's and 1 is dry docked at the moment. The missions conducted by the Kriegsmarine is more ranged then the Heer, they usually bring supplies to and from places, they transport troops, and patrol friendly waters. They will also be a key player in operation charging rhino:declassified on August 5, 2020.


The New German Luftwaffe is the smallest service used by The New German military. It is often served wile in the reserve part of service(see service) it runs the artillery and the air service.

New German Intelligence Agency

This branch deals with intelligence, logistics, ect. It gathers intelligence to defend the safety and security of the Empire of new Germany.


The Heer have resonantly on January 13, 2020, launched operation Dummy Thicc, the invasion of Bobbygrad Airport and the surrounding area. It is the spark that lit war between New Germany and Wegmat. On January 14 all of priori was taken under new German control. A humiliating defeat for the Wegmat Armed Forces and a spectacular victory for the Heer. On January 15, 2020 a three man team intercepted wegmat forces. They keep Wegmat forces at bay and it was eventually was a new German victory. On February 1, 2020 New Germany was brought into another war with new Macedonia witch is back by Wegmat. The first battle of the war was in Prior Bring it into another war zone, the forces of new Macedonia and new South African were present with Wegmat to chicken to show up to defend there own territory.